Meet 20th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th June 2023 episode starts with Sumeet talking to Poonam saying that she wants to prove that she is Meet's daughter.

She says that she wants to find a match for Vani but does not know where to start.

Raj comes there and tells her that he'll help her while Sumeet states that it is her fight.

He asks her if they are not the same and talks about how he wants to find a guy who loves Vani.

Meet's first step at LOVE!

Amma and Raj leave while Sumeet tells Poonam that she has found what her first step is.

She says that there must be some guy who made Vani's heart flutter.

Later, Sumeet and Poonam are going through Vani's cupboard while Vani is admiring her senior Abhay sir's pictures.

Sumeet sees purple color spread out through the room and asks Vani if she did not hate the color purple.

Vani tells Sumeet to not take Masoom's challenge seriously when she gets a call from Abhay.

Sumeet watches as Vani rushes to wear purple earrings and accepts the call telling Abhay that she will make the slide background purple since it is his favorite color.

Vani confesses liking Abhay!

Hearing all this, Sumeet asks Vani if she likes Abhay, and Vani accidentally reveals that she likes him but tries to cover it up.

However, Sumeet gets excited while Vani calms her and tells her that she does not want to destroy the friendship she has with Abhay.

The next day, Sumeet and Poonam reach the Choudhary Music Company to meet Abhay.

However, the receptionist tells her that she cannot enter without an appointment.

Forming an idea in her head, Sumeet hides in between the clothes of the clothing rack and manages to enter the premise.

She gets out and gets excited hearing the people there talking about Wonder Boy, her favorite musician.

Sumeet's savior returns!

Sumeet walks ahead and gets tangled in the fairy lights and is about to fall but is saved by the bike taxi guy again.

He helps Sumeet remove the fairy lights from around her while she asks him if he's there to pick up someone.

He informs Sumeet that he works there making Sumeet call him multi-talented.

She asks him if he can help her meet Abhay and he informs her that Abhay is busy in a meeting.

Sumeet tells him to choose one of the fingers and afterward says that her heart is telling her he has never fallen in love with someone.

The guy keeps on staring into Sumeet's eyes while she goes on blabbering saying that she needs to meet Abhay or else a love story will not form.

Sumeet confronts Abhay!

Further, the guy talks to himself saying that he fell in love with her on the first day of college but could not tell her.

She promises to pray for him to get his love and the guy agrees to help her.

He takes her to Abhay's cabin where Abhay mistakes her for Vani.

However, Sumeet states that Vani slipped and fell making Abhay worried.

He rushes around asking if Vani is okay while Sumeet tells him that she lied to him to make him realize that he is also in love with Vani.

Sumeet tells him that he should confess before Vani ends up married to someone else since Vani also likes him back.

Sumeet faces another challenge!

Vani, who has heard everything, runs away crying and Sumeet goes after her while they bump into none other than Shagun, Manmeet's ex-girlfriend.

Back in the office, the guy is talking about Sumeet to Abhay while Shagun comes there and asks them whom they are talking about.

Abhay welcomes his mother while the guy addresses her as his Badi Maa.

On the other hand, Vani gets upset with Sumeet for confessing to Abhay and ruining the friendship that they had.

Back at the office, Shagun asks about the guy about Sumeet and realizes that she is Manmeet and Meet's daughter.

At Ahlawat's house, Masoom gets angry at Sumeet again while Sumeet states that she is sure Abhay also likes Vani.

Masoom tells Sumeet to stay saying that she is Meet's daughter if she cannot get Vani and Abhay's marriage fixed within 24 hours.

At the same time, Shagun looks at her 4-fingered foot as she thinks that Sumeet will be her pawn for revenge.

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