Meet 20th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th March 2023 episode starts with Sarkaar asking Gunwanti if she is sure about the news while Gunwanti nods yes. 

Manmeet comes to Sarkar asking him if he is happy too. 

However, Imarti tells Sarkaar that Jasodha cannot be pregnant at this age and Gunwanti must have some kind of misunderstanding. 

Meet signals Manmeet to come to her and tells him that if they do not make Jasodha believe that she is pregnant, then she will deny being pregnant and their plan will fail. 

Manmeet realizes that Meet is right and goes to get Jasodha. 

Meanwhile, Imarti is ready to go and ask Jasodha about her condition but Gunwanti stops her by saying that Jasodha will only tell Sarkar and not some Molkki like her. 

Later, Manmeet brings Jasodha to the doctor where Meet has convinced the doctor to tell Jasodha that she is expecting. 

Jasodha feels shocked and tells Manmeet to ask the doctor again. 

As Jasodha processes the news, she becomes shy while Manmeet tells her that this is the news to be celebrated. 

Later, Jasodha comes home looking shy while Meet showers her with flowers and congratulates her on her pregnancy. 

After a while, Manmeet settles Jasodha on her bed while Meet gives her tamarind to eat. 

Just then, Sarkaar comes to the room while Meet and Manmeet hide behind the curtain. 

Sarkaar reads the file and comes to check on Jasodha, lying with her eyes closed while the tamarind plate is kept beside her. 

Just then, Jasodha opens her eyes and is shocked to see Sarkaar and begins to cough. 

Sarkaar comes into action and brings the glass of water for her which pleases Meet and Manmeet both. 

Later, Imarti asks Sarkar if he will still go through with the wedding as Jalebi has come to Sarkarpur for this purpose alone. 

Sarkaar tells Gunwanti to collect everyone in the courtyard in the evening along with Jasodha. 

Everyone smiles thinking Sarkar has changed his mind, which is why he called a meeting. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet follows Meet outside and offers to take her to the market when he hears that she is going to buy things for Sapna and Jasodha. 

Elsewhere, Seeing Jalebi pack, Imarti tells her that she is not ready to give up and tells her that she will use any means to get her married to Sarkaar. 

Meanwhile, Meet selects a golden frill for Jasodha when a multipurpose knife reminds her of Meet Ahlawat's gift and her heart turns sad. 

Manmeet observes Meet’s interest in the knife and buys it for her as his first gift. 

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