Meet 20th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th May 2023 episode starts with the police telling Sarkar that he has come to take the child who escaped the house and is living under their roof. 

However, Meet tells them that Chiku looks too scared to be just running from their house. 

The inspector tells her that Chiku’s parents have come with him and calls them inside. 

The woman runs to Chiku calling him her son but Chiku remains hugging Meet and looks at the woman fearfully. 

Meanwhile, Meet tells the inspector that the parents have to answer some questions related to Chiku to prove they are really his parents. 

She asks them about Chiku’s birthmark while the woman stands worried until Meet smirks at them but the woman tells her the exact spots. 

However, Meet is still not convinced and asks them if they truly are their parents and why is he so scared to see them. 

Chiku remains quiet while the woman tells her that she will explain to her the reason for him being scared. 

The couple tells her that Chiku’s uncle kidnapped him when he was only two years old because of their enmity and it took them seven years to find him.

They also tell her that Chiku’s uncle has turned him into a scared and timid child and that is why he is so afraid of them. 

They even show Meet the documents and birth certificates to prove themselves as real parents.

Meet agrees to allow them to go but Chiku resists going with them.

Meanwhile, Meet also feels pain at losing Chiku and tells the inspector that goons are after Chiku so she will not let him go without proper evidence and demands a DNA test.

The inspector tells her that they have already given enough evidence and she should let Chiku go. 

However, Meet tells him that she will not allow them to take it without DNA proof, and in the meantime, they are welcome to live as their guests. 

Later, Kanika scolds the inspector for not being able to bring the child and threatens him of losing his job if the minister does not get the child. 

Meanwhile, the inspector tells her to give him two days' time and he will forge a report against Meet. 

On the other hand, Jasodha tells Gunwanti and Mahendra to leave Meet alone as she is not doing anything wrong but only trying to save a child. 

However, Sarkar tells her that she is trying to find her firstborn with her first husband. 

Jasodha tells him that there is nothing wrong with Meet searching for her child as she also used to do the same when Manmeet was not with her. 

However, Sarkar is not impressed with Meet’s maternal feelings as she has caused a rift between him and Manmeet. 

Later, Meet brings milk to Chiku’s room where his so-called parents are residing with him. 

Chiku tries to stop her but the woman tells him to let Meet aunty go. 

Just as Meet is leaving, she gets an idea and installs her phone camera in the room in the guise of looking for a book. 

Afterward, she monitors the parent's activity in the room and wonders why Chiku is looking in a particular direction. 

In the meantime, Sumeet is peeking inside the cupboard trying to reassure Cheeku. 

The mother also notices Cheeku’s staring and tells her husband to shut the almirah door.  

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