Meet 20th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 20th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 20th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet checking the poster for any mistakes and hoping that Shlok sees it and gets the hint.

Meanwhile, Shlok and Naaz are walking behind her unaware of her.

Naaz saves Shlok

She asks him about the feel and vibes of the market and he gets excited and starts talking about his Chandni Chowk.

Naaz gets suspicious while he lies to her that he is talking about a mall in the US.

She teases him while he notices the poster and goes to it.

Seeing one man trying to remove it, Shlok argues with him while the man asks him if he's Indian.

Sumeet goes to check but is stopped by the shopkeeper who tells her to pay before leaving.

Before the man can confront Shlok, Naaz comes there and tells the man that Adil/Shlok is a guest of hers and solves the matter.

The crowd disperses while Naaz gets a call and leaves as Shlok tries to look for Sumeet but thinks of it as his hallucination.

Back at home, Raj and the rest of the family read the letter by Sumeet in which she tells Raj to take care of the family like Shlok does until she returns with him.

Raj agrees and hopes for Sumeet to return victorious.

Sumeet and Shlok's interaction

Back in Karachi, Sumeet walks the market as she hopes that her plan works and Shlok gets the clue.

Sumeet helps a blind Sadhu and he blesses her to find the one she is looking for making her hopeful.

She makes him sit and offers him money but he refuses after which she gives him candy as sweet is considered good luck.

Sumeet leaves while Shlok arrives in the same area and saves the Sadhu from falling to the ground as the shop vendor pushes.

The Sadhu blesses Shlok for helping and gives him the candy given by Sumeet before leaving.

Shlok notices the Indian candy and wonders if Sumeet really came to Pakistan for him as it is her favorite candy which is always in her bag.

He savors the taste of the candy as he closes his eyes and recalls his moments with Sumeet.

Just as Shlok is about to come face to face with Sumeet, he hears Naaz's shouts and rushes to save her.

Meanwhile, at home, Raj punches the wall blaming himself while Priyanka comes there and makes him stop.

Shlok saves Naaz from Rehza

She tends to his wounds while Pankhudi comes there and starts talking ill about Sumeet saying that she left as soon as some trouble came in the darkness of the night.

Priyanka pushes Pankhudi away and tells her that Sumeet knows how to keep her relations close instead of people who leave whenever things get hard.

Further, Priyanka turns to Raj and tells him to not hurt himself ever again as she is sure Sumeet will return soon.

She tells him that his visa will be approved soon too and advises him to go with positivity.

Back in the market in Karachi, Rehza continues hurting Naaz telling her that only he has the right to see her beautiful hair while she tells him that she and her family have already turned down his marriage proposal.

She tells him to let her go while he says that he will take away her dignity to make her his.

Naaz argues that he'll never know how to respect women while Rehza gets a scissor and tells Naaz that he'll her hair to make sure no one accepts her.

Shlok comes there just then and beats up Rehza telling Naaz that people like him won't understand until they get slapped and tells her to hit him.

However, she tells him that her brother will scold her if he learns of this while Shlok encourages her.

Naaz finally gets the courage to take her sandal and thrash Rehza with it telling him that she won't be scared of his blank calls or dirty text messages anymore.

Rehza runs away from there while Naaz hugs Shlok thinking that she cannot even think of rejecting such a nice guy.

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