Meet 21st February 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st February 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 21st February 2023 episode starts with Jasodha asking Gunwanti and other Sarkar daughters-in-law to not give food to Meet to see how long can Meet starve.

Meet leaves the house to get her stomach filled while Manmeet's sister resists her and tells her that Jasodha has asked her to not allow Sarkar's women to step out of the house. 

Meet internally decides to get Jasodha’s brain in the center by changing her perception of women while being in the house itself.

On the other hand, Gunwanti tells Jasodha that she will leave the house in a few days as she cannot starve for so long, however, Meet’s burp leaves Jasodha in shock.

Jasodha outrageously asks who let Meet have the food while Meet shows up the Thakur Ji's (God) plate from which she had filled her stomach.

Jasodha tries to hit Meet while Meet resists her hand forcefully.

Imarti calls Manmeet to see Meet’s behavior and Manmeet asks Meet to let go of Jasodha’s hand while Meet tells him that all of this wouldn’t have happened if Manmeet would fulfill all the 7 vows he took during their marriage.

Manmeet laughes while Jasodha goes to search for Sarkar's sword, however, Manmeet calms her by saying that he already knows how to cut Meet’s wings.

On hearing this, Jasodha proudly appreciates Manmeet for being a true man.

On the other hand, Meet approaches her room wherein she sees it all decorated with white and red flowers.

Manmeet closes the door of the room and tells Meet to celebrate their night full of love and romance.

He forcefully holds Meet in his arms and pushes her against the window, telling her that it's time to fulfill all the 7 vows of marriage.

Meanwhile, Jasodha asks Imarti to go to Meet’s room with a basket of saree and jewelry to get Meet dressed for her first night while Manmeet tells Imarti to leave the basket as he has already brought a nighty for Meet.

Imarti tells Manmeet that he can later make Meet wear anything of his choice however as a "shagun" she needs to wear the saree first.

On the other hand, Jasodha sends Gunwanti to the room with turmeric milk.

Manmeet tries to touch Meet while Imarti asks him to come out with her as first, he needs to pay her some amount as a part of the ritual before entering his night.

Meanwhile, Meet calls Shagun and tells her about Meet and Manmeet’s first night, however, Shagun tells Meet that she can enjoy her night.

Shagun's response leaves Meet in shock and she tells Shagun to lose her respect for allowing her man to go over all the other women.

On the other hand, Manmeet and Imarti come back to the room wherein he gives 1,00,000 lakh rupees to Imarti as a ritual.

Imarti leaves the room by wishing Manmeet a stroke of luck while he closes the door and forcefully touches Meet, by telling her that since they are married it's his right to celebrate the night.

However, Meet pushes Manmeet and tells him that no one can touch her without her permission.

Manmeet takes off the jewelry tied around Meet's waist and throws it on the floor and asks her to wear the nighty while Meet binds Manmeet’s hands with it.

This leaves Manmeet in shock while Meet laughs at his condition

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