Meet 21st July 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st July 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 21st July 2023 episode starts with Sumeet adding alcohol to Shlok’s coffee to make him confess the truth about their marriage. 

Just then Shlok gets a call from Poonam telling him to come home on time while Shlok purposely tells her that he will not be late for his engagement with his beloved Bitti and tells her that he has even bought bangles for her too. 

Shlok Gets Drunk

Meanwhile, Sumeet wears the bangles and shows them to Shlok while he tells her to return them as it belongs to her would-be wife. 

However, Sumeet tells her to have coffee with her first and after that she will give him the bangels. 

Shlok drinks the coffee standing up and sachets Sumeet’s hand to take the bangles off but Sumeet tells him to sit and take it out patiently.

Elsewhere, Bitti’s mother comes to Poonam to cancel the engagement telling Poonam that Sumeet is from a rich background and they can easily turn lies into truth and vice versa. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet tries to remind Shlok of their wedding day while Shlok accepts coming there. 

However, he also tells her that he came to stop the marriage from Raunak but after her rejection, he left. 

On the other hand, Poonam assures Bitti’s mother that for her only Bitti will be her daughter-in-law and she will not accept Sumeet in that role even if she proves her truth. 

Elsewhere, Raunak boxing his hands off when Vani tells him to stop being angry and asks Abhay to talk some sense into Raunak. 

Abhay tells Vani that Raunak’s career is at risk while Vani tells him that she tried to convince Sumeet to give up her stubbornness but she is not ready to listen to anything.

Meanwhile, Raunak tells Shlok that he will pay him back for the pain he has given to him. 

Shlok Confess His Love

In the meantime, Sumeet tells Shlok to try to remember as he came back to the Mandap later. 

However, Shlok tells her that he went back to the office but Sumeet asks him why would he go to the office so late. 

Shlok gets mad and goes to take the mike to tell Sumeet once and for all that he went to the office after leaving the wedding venue. 

On the other hand, someone leaves his house with a gun and a stick. 

Meanwhile, Shlok begins to tell Sumeet what a mess she has made of his life and tells her that if she wants to hear the truth then listen carefully. 

He loudly speaks on the mike that he is a Wonderboy and he loves her. 

However, his voice echoes and no one can hear a thing including Sumeet who asks him to say it again. 

However, Shlok tells her that she is not his wife and he has not married her. 

All the people at the cafe recognise Sumeet and begins to record everything on their phone. 

Seeing her plan fail, Sumeet drenches Shlok with a jug of water to make him sober. 

After a while, Sumeet apologises to Shlok for mixing alcohol in his coffee to make him confess the truth. 

Shlok is Under Attack

Later Shlok comes out of the cafe still feeling out of place and takes the helmet. 

Meanwhile, the man in a helmet is waiting for him outside with other bikers while Sumeet walks in another direction. 

The bikers attack Shlok and take him with them. 

Meanwhile, Meet overhears two women talking about some ritual for the longevity of the husband and decides to perform it for Shlok. 

Meanwhile, Shlok is woken up by the biker and finds himself ties to a chair.

He assumes the man in a helmet is Raunak and shames him but is shocked to see Raj behind it.

On the other hand, Poonam and others are waiting for Shlok to arrive to start the engagement ceremony when Bitti’s mother asks Poonam about Shlok. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet’s Mangalsutra breaks apart while performing the ritual while a woman tells her this indicates that Sumeet’s husband is in danger. 

Meanwhile, Raj tells Shlok that he is stopping him from getting engaged to Bitti.

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