Meet 21st March 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st March 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 21st March 2023 episode starts with Meet telling Manmeet that some old memories get refreshed in the mind while Manmeet tells her that he has seen her watching it and bought it for her for buying lace for his mother. 

Meanwhile, Shagun follows Manmeet and reaches the market only to see him giving Meet something in her hand but Meet sees her and tells Manmeet to go and entertain Shagun.  

In the meantime, Mahendra tells Gunwanti that this news of Jasodha’s pregnancy should not leave the house of Sarkaar Mahal. 

On being asked, Manmeet tells Shagun that Meet helped him take care of his lies as in convincing Jasodha that she is pregnant. 

After a while, Manmeet offers to buy almond milk for Shagun to appease her while Shagun feels insecure about Manmeet getting close to Meet.

Later, Meet tells everyone that she made Rasgullah for everyone to celebrate the good news. 

Just then, Sarkaar comes and asks Manmeet to hand over the bowl. 

Sarkaar tells Jasodha to eat the rasgullas as she likes them and begins to force-feed her. 

Manmeet gets worried while Sarkaar tells Jasodha how much lower will she stoop. 

Sarkaar accuses Jasodha of making a mockery of their relationship and joins hands with Meet. 

Meet wonders how Sarkaar found out about the news while Shagun recalls how she babbled the truth to Imarti without realizing it. 

Jasodha is speechless and looks at Manmeet to help her but seeing his expression, he looks defeated. 

Manmeet tells Meet that he is taking the blame for the whole thing while Meet tells him to not invite Sarkaar's anger. 

Meet takes the blame for changing the report telling him that she thought he would not marry Jalebi. 

Shagun sighs with relief at being saved while Sarkaar gets angry and throws a coal-filled bucket toward Jasodha. 

Manmeet and Meet shield Jasodha while Meet gets burnt by the coal.

Sarkaar tells them that he has decided to stop the marriage after the news but now come hell and heaven, no one can stop his marriage. 

Telling everyone to prepare for the Haldi celebration, he walks out while Jasodha goes to her room defeated.

After a while, Imarti and Jalebi bring a drink for Sarkaar and tell Sarkaar that Manmeet is helping Meet. 

Later, Meet is grinding turmeric to apply on her burnt wound when Manmeet comes with an ointment and applies it on Meet’s wound. 

However, he closes his eyes as he cannot see himself helping her.

Elsewhere, on hearing Imarti’s accusations, Sarkar says that Manmeet will never go against him as he is his son. 

At the same time, Manmeet tells Meet that he will die if anything happens to Jasodha. 

Meet tells Manmeet that his father would have felt bad knowing that his son went against him and would have punished him along with Jasodha. 

Reminding Manmeet that he has waited 24 years to be with his parents, and she will not wish it upon him or any child for that matter. 

Meet also assures him that she will make Sarkaar realize the importance of Jasodha in his life and she would need his help. 

Just then, Sarkaar comes into the kitchen calling Manmeet while Meet hides behind the screen, Imarti also comes following Sarkar looking around for Meet.

Sarkar tells Imarti that Manmeet married Meet to take revenge on her for his father’s insult and he cannot believe that Manmeet will join hands with Meet against his father.

Manmeet assures him that he is right to believe in him while Sarkaar warns Imarti to never include Manmeet in her suspicion. 

The next day the house is decorated for the Haldi celebration where Jalebi looks at a villager and gets scared. 

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