Meet 21st September 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st September 2023 Written Update

Meet 21st September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 21st September 2023 episode starts with Naaz holding Adil/Shlok's hand as she thinks to herself that she is lucky to have him.

She thinks about how much he cares for her and that it has been only one day that he has known her.

Sumeet is also in front of them but is unaware of their presence.

She gets a call from someone telling her that Dilawar is there to check her room.

Sumeet rushes away while Shlok feels her presence.

Later, Sumeet arrives at her stay and the ladies scold her for getting them in trouble while she enters and sees Dilawar and other police officers searching her room.

Dilawar stands in front of her and mocks her while another constable shows drugs that he pulled out from Sumeet's bag.

Everyone gets shocked but Sumeet continues to smile while Dilawar tells her that she seems a little too confident or a fool.

However, Sumeet tells him that she's not afraid as she has done nothing wrong, making Dilawar even more angry.

He tells the constables to make all the people leave and holds Sumeet by the elbow, she angrily removes herself from his hold.

She asks him if he wants to lose his respect along with his job and shows him the video clip which clearly shows him ordering the constable to put the drugs in Sumeet's bag while voicing his plan to put her behind bars.

He asks her how she did it while Sumeet reveals a hidden camera she had put in the room for her safety.

She throws the Burkha he had mockingly given her at him and tells him that it will be him who will need to hide his face not her if she virals the video.

He shouts at her that he is a man while she asks him how is he a man when he has to take the help of a lie to fight against a woman.

She tells him that he should run away soon as she has already informed the Indian Embassy that they are being framed and that the officers will be coming very soon.

Dilawar reluctantly wears the Burkha and leaves the place while Sumeet tells the Indian people that she promises them she will not let them get in trouble because of her.

Meanwhile, a kid laughs at Dilawar for wearing a Burkha while Dilawar thinks that he has won even if he has lost since he has gotten something important from Sumeet's place.

Later, at the police station, Dilawar puts up Sumeet and Shlok's wedding picture beside Shlok's wanted poster and tells others that they have to get them caught at any cost.

Back in India, Pakhudi makes Priyanka wear a short party dress and high heels with an excuse thinking that Raj will surely refuse her after seeing her like this at such a critical time.

Meanwhile, at Naaz's house, the family has dinner with Adil/Shlok and Akki and he gets worried seeing all the non-veg food.

Akki runs away not wanting to smell the non-veg while Shlok lies to Naaz's family that he wants to eat but he's allergic to it.

Naaz's brother, Dilawar gets suspicious of it and Shlok offers to eat to prove his allergy but Naaz stops him.

She supports Shlok/Adil and says that she will turn vegan too.

Seeing this, Dilawar joins her and Shlok's hands while saying that they should get married soon as his sister does like him.

Shlok thinks that he should tell Naaz that he cannot marry her while a servant comes there and tells them about the Ganesh program making Naaz happy.

The next day, Naaz is clicking pictures of Sumeet but gets caught by her.

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