Meet 22nd December 2022 Written Update

Meet 22nd December 2022 Written Update

Meet 22nd December 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 22nd December 2022 episode starts with Meet H. slamming Anurag’s car door and telling him that he is known as a great lawyer then why did he lose today’s hearing?

She further asks why there was hate in Anurag’s eyes and why he plotted revenge in the courthouse with a smug reaction.

Anurag tells Meet H. that he did that to see the fear of losing the love of her life.

Anurag tries to remind Meet H. that when she left the police she didn’t solve the case of missing Amrita Rathi and because of Meet Hooda’s personal reasons she left the case and Amrita ended up being crippled.

Meet Hooda tells him that she did what she had to but what concern is that to him, Anurag abruptly says that she was the love of his life so he decided to plot against Meet Hooda.

Surprised by this revelation Meet H. asks him if he loved Amrita then why did he agree to marry Manushi?

Hearing this Anurag’s smug look reappears and he tells Meet that he has plotted this revenge for a long time and he will succeed in separating Meet A. and Meet Hooda.

Meet challenges Anurag and tells him that she will find the real culprit in 3 days and that will be his first loss.

Later, Meet meets Ishani and Pratap and then decides to re-enact the whole murder scene.

After the re-enactment, Ishani and Pratap question each other and Pratap gets a suspicious look on his face.

On the other hand, Anurag feeds Amrita and she tries to persuade him not to do this to Meet Hooda.

Afterward, in the station, Meet H. tells Meet A. that she is stuck in the situation and he should think more about everything again.

Meet A. tries to calm Meet H. and asks her to choose one of his fists.

After choosing Meet Ahlawat says that Meet Hooda loves him more and he knows that she will get him out.

Outside the Ahlawat house, the media blames Meet A. and all the family members get upset.

Meet H. invites all the reporters inside the house and she gives them food shocking all the family members.

After the serving of food, Meet declares that someone was an eyewitness to Neelam’s murder case and she will soon find the actual killer.

All the reporters and the family members get shocked and start asking questions.

Meet Hooda politely tells that she will not tell any more information and she sends the reporters out.

Babita asks if she is sure about this person and who the said person is.

Meet Hooda says that they have to keep their faith in her.

After seeing the news Anurag calls Meet Hooda immediately and tells her that he knows all her tricks and she will not be able to free Meet A.

Meet Hooda tells him on call that they will see what happens and Ishani praises Meet Hooda.

Meet H. tells her to be careful as she is the main player in this game.

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