Meet 22nd June 2022 Written Update

Meet 22nd June 2022 Written Update

Meet 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 22nd June 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda talking to her baby in the park remembering her sweet moments with Meet Ahlawat when he confessed his love for her.

She feels betrayed by the act of Meet but is very happy about the arrival of her baby soon in her life.

In Ahlawat House, Raj pacifies Meet that Meet Hooda would try to understand his point of view and will forgive him soon.

Babita is hopeful that Meet Hooda will forgive him but Masoom says that Meet is making a big deal of a small unintentional kiss.

Later, Meet Ahlawat calls Meet Hooda but she does not pick up as the phone is on vibrate.

Meet runs to Babita that he will die if Meet Hooda does not forgive him.

Babita says that once their baby comes into the world then their bond will be very strong.

In the park, Meet Hooda says that she will forgive her baby’s father and decides to call Meet Ahlawat.

Before Meet Hooda could call, she goes into labour pain while Meet Ahlawat feels something happening with Meet Hooda but he does not know the situation.

Meet Ahlawat calls but nobody picks up as the phone is lying somewhere in the park.

Later, Manushi comes and says she knows Meet Hooda and tells the people in the park that she knows her.

Manushi sees the phone ringing but does not pick up and later she switches it off as she enjoys troubling people.

Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat feels hurt as he thinks that Meet Hooda has cut his call.

Instead of taking unconscious Meet Hooda to the hospital, Manushi says that she has come for revenge.

Later, Meet Ahlawat calls Anubha to know about Meet Hooda but Anubha tells that Meet is not with her.

After some time, Manushi takes Meet Hooda to an unknown hospital while keeping her face hidden all the time and Meet’s phone is switched off too.

At the same time, Meet Ahlawat prays to God to keep his Meet safe.

In the hospital, Meet Hooda demands to call her family and the doctor informs Babita about Meet’s location.

Manushi prays to God to support her evil deeds as she plans to kidnap Meet Hooda’s baby before the Ahlawat family reaches her.

On the other hand, Babita contacts Raj and Meet Ahlawat and the whole family sets for the hospital.

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