Meet 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd March 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 22nd March 2023 episode starts with Meet coming to the courtyard with Jasodha's photograph and a book.

Sarkar orders everyone to start the Haldi ceremony but when nobody moves, he instructs Gunwanti to bring Haldi.

However, Gunwanti shows Sarkar her bandaged hands and says that since she is injured, she cannot lift the Haldi container.

Sarkar then gets angry at Sapna and Sundari but Sundari steps and tells Sarkar that the priest has asked her not to touch any yellow-colored substance for the next 15 days.

Meet smiles and places Jasodha's photo on the table and Sarkar tells Meet that he is well aware of her gimmicks and reveals Manmeet will listen to him.

When Meet tells that Manmeet has gone with Jasodha to the hospital since she was feeling uneasy, Sarkar asks Imarti to go get the Haldi.

She searches the kitchen cabinets but doesn't find it anywhere and even twists her back.

Seeing her so active, Gunwanti gets suspicious about whether Imarti is even pregnant or not.

Meanwhile, Meet lectures Sarkar that just like Imarti couldn't even find the Haldi kept in the kitchen, he is also incomplete without Jasodha.

Meet's statement gets proven again when an angry Sarkar asks Imarti to bring the bullets of his guns and she says she doesn't know as only Jasodha knows.

On the other hand, Jasodha who is sitting on the cot with Manmeet's head in her lap asks him what is the use of all this as he watches the video stream of Meet and Sarkar's interaction.

Manmeet tells Jasodha that he only agrees with Meet on one thing and that is, Jasodha being the establishment and the pillar of the house because if she is gone, the house will be in tatters.

Jasodha gets emotional and tells Manmeet that the ladies she used to order around are standing with her today.

Just then, Meet arrives there with Ber fruit and Manmeet asks her how she knew that Jasodha Ma likes it.

Meet shushes him and throws him off the cot while comforting Jasodha, saying she should stop suspecting her anymore.

Meet also gets emotional and reveals her life story as to how she used to encounter so many problems but in the end, through love, she passed the many hurdles.

Jasodha asks with what right Meet is staying in Sarkar Mahal and Meet ducks down, puts Jasodha's hands on her cheeks, and asks her to treat Meet as her daughter.

Jasodha softens up for a moment but then tells Meet clearly that she doesn't know how the daughters are in reality since she has only birthed boys.

However, she cannot accept Meet as her daughter-in-law, and Meet nods meekly.

Meanwhile, Sarkar is grilling everyone as to how scared they look right now, and just then, Shagun, Manmeet, and Jasodha enters the courtyard.

Manmeet keeps his hand around Jasodha's neck to help her calm down when Sarkar tells Meet that since she was preaching so much about Jasodha, he has called manu servants to take her role up.

Humiliating tears rush down Jasodha's cheeks but she sucks them up while Manmeet's hand stays in its place. 

The servants go to Sarkar's room to clean it up as he sits beside Jalebi again who so fondly chooses the saree kept in front of her.

Imarti smirks as Sarkar challenges Meet that the wedding will take place tomorrow and she won't be able to stop it.

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