Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Kanika calling the man and woman to get an update on Cheeku. 

On hearing the Meet is saving Cheeku’s life by giving her blood, she gets angry and tells her to finish Cheeku as soon as she can. 

After the call, the woman tells the man that she is going inside to kill Cheeku as Meet has dozed off. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet is praying for Cheeku when Sarkaar sees Sumeet trying to save the flickering lamplight. 

Sarkar feels angry and goes to douse the lamp that Meet has lighted for her child because Meet has separated him from his son. 

In the meantime, the woman is about to suffocate Cheeku when Meet calls Cheeku and stuns the woman. 

On being asked, the woman pretends to be a caring mother who is settling the pillow properly. 

She thanks Meet for saving her child’s life and that she will be forever grateful to her. 

On the other hand, Sarkar's hand gets burnt while trying to douse the flame. 

Sumeet goes to get the ointment for Sarkar telling him that he should be more careful with fire. 

Inside the drawer, Sumeet also finds Cheeku’s locket and takes it with her. 

Sarkar throws away the ointment in anger while the locket falls away on the table and opens up. 

Later, Sumeet asks Sarkaar why is he so angry with her mother and that it will burn him from the inside. 

She also points towards Cheeku’s locket that he has thrown away. 

As Sarkar goes to inspect the locket, Sumeet grabs it first shutting it back. 

However, Sarkar takes the locket back from her and wonders where did an orphan like him ended up with a gold locket. 

Sumeet tells him to find out on his own when Cheeku comes back home. 

Just then, the woman and the man return and tell Meet that they want to take Monu (Cheeku) back home. 

Meanwhile, Kanika calls the man and he accidentally presses the speaker button and Meet hears her voice. 

The man quickly rectifies the mistake and shows Meet the DNA reports that prove that Cheeku is their son. 

Meet feels sad at seeing the report as her heart still does not believe it.

She asks to take Cheeku home to meet Sumeet but the parents do not agree. 

Manmeet tells her that they all have come to love Cheeku in small time but they will have to let Cheeku go as she has said that she will. 

At Sarkar’s house, Gunwanti spews poison against Meet for taking care of a stranger’s child which makes Sarkar angry and he tells them that he does not want to hear another word about all this. 

Meet leaves Cheeku in the custody of the fake parents when she gets a call from Sumeet who tells her to bring Cheeku back home as she wants to celebrate her birthday with him. 

Later, Sumeet tells Jasodha that her birthday is coming and tells her to make Rasugullah for her. 

Jasodha also tells her that she will buy her a dress while Sumeet tells her to buy a dress for Cheeku as well. 

Just then, Gunwanti comes there and tells her that Cheeku is not her real brother while Mahendra tells Sumeet that Cheeku is going away with his parents and will not be coming back. 

Later, Meet walks Cheeku out of the hospital and tells him that he reminds her of her son whom she lost many years ago. 

She assures him  that she will come to meet him and bring him back for Sumeet’s birthday. 

She asks the parents about their address and gets suspicious when both of them tell a different address.  

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