Meet 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Jasodha throwing Meet out of the house when a man's feet appear in front of her. 

Manmeet joins his hand and bends down to take his blessing calling him Guru Ji and introducing him to his family as equivalent to God. 

Meet asks him to help her get justice and Guruji shames Manmeet for betraying a woman and tells him to take back Meet in the house if he wants to be his student. 

However, Manmeet tells him that Meet is disrespectful towards his parents and is instigating women of the village claiming men and women to be equal.

Meet accepts believing men and women to be equal while Guru ji tells her that she is wrong in her belief. 

He tells her that the balance of life will only be maintained if the husband guides the wife and the wife follows and take care of the household matters. 

Meet tells him that she does not believe in this.

Manmeet tells Guru Ji to let go of this matter and tells him to come inside. 

Meanwhile, Meet is disappointed in Manmeet’s Guruji who possesses the same ideals as Manmeet 

Inside the house, Manmeet washes Guruji’s feet while Sarkar praises Guru Ji for teaching Manmeet. 

Meanwhile, Manmeet stops Meet from coming inside but Meet tells him that she will not be quietened and asks him to explain what can he do that she can’t do. 

Manmeet picks a sack full of grain and challenges Meet to pick it. 

Just then Meet points towards the woman who is carrying many jugs of water and tells Manmeet that they carry this load every day for miles without breaking a sweat just to quench the thirst of their family. 

Later, Meet challenges Manmeet to a duel where she tells him that she will defeat him in wrestling. 

Everyone begins to laugh while Manmeet laughs at her telling her that he is the best among so many.

Guru Ji accepts Meet’s challenge on Manmeet’s behalf and tells her that if she wins then no one will throw her out of the house but if she loses then she will have to leave the house, this village and the claim that man and woman are equal.

However, Manmeet tells Guru Ji that it is against his teaching to raise a hand at the woman. 

Meet instigates Manmeet telling him that should she consider this to be her win by default as he is hiding behind an excuse. 

As expected, Manmeet boasts about his virility and tells Meet that he will raise her to the ground with just one hand. 

Later, Narender and Sapna are planning to leave for the city with money and jewellery while the rest of the people get distracted by the wrestling challenge.

However, Imarti hears them and threatens to tell Jasodha and Sarkar if they do not support her in whatever she wants. 

Meanwhile, Sarkar is worried about being mocked in front of the whole village when Meet and Manmeet will wrestle each other. 

Jasodha assures him to not worry as Manmeet will defeat her and get rid of her too.

However, Manmeet comes there telling them that Meet definitely has planned to get the property papers while keeping them distracted by a wrestling match. 

Later, Shagun is applying ointment to Manmeet and asks him how will he bear the pain on wrestling day when he cannot bear it today but Manmeet calms her down by his sweet words.

Meanwhile, Meet is listening to their conversation when Chanda and Nagarwadhu come to Meet asking her what is the plan behind the wrestling match. 

Meet tells them that she has only said that to buy some time. 

She also tells them to brainwash Shagun to such an extent in the coming days that she will bring the property papers to her. 

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