Meet 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Meet 23rd June 2022 Written Update

Meet 23rd June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 23rd June 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda giving birth to a healthy boy in the hospital with Manushi waiting outside the delivery room.

As soon as Manushi gets to know about Meet’s delivery, she watches Babita and Masum entering the hospital from downstairs.

Manushi plans to take revenge on Meet Hooda by taking away her child and looks for ways to distract Babita and Masum.

At Manushi’s command, a man intentionally bumps into Babita and begins to quarrel with her making a scene.

Manushi hears a nurse talking about a dead baby on the phone while she waits for the doctors to leave and gets an idea.

Meanwhile, Babita asks Masum to handle the man and rushes to Meet Hooda’s room in desperation to see her grandchild.

However, all Babita finds in Meet Hooda’s room is no sign of any child and thinks that the nurse may have taken them out to wash.

At the same time, the nurse comes and hands over Meet Hooda’s baby to Manushi and asks for her payment.

Manushi promises the nurse a big amount if she goes to Babita and tells her that Meet Hooda has given birth to a dead child and she cannot become a mother ever again.

The nurse goes to Babita and delivers the lies as commanded by Manushi leaving Babita devastated.

Babita breaks down into tears hearing the news of the dead child and questions god’s judgment behind such cruelty.

In the meantime, Meet Hooda wakes up and asks Babita why she is crying while looking for Meet Ahlawat and others.

With a heavy heart, Babita tells Meet Hooda that she has given birth to a dead child and cannot become a mother again.

Meet Hooda refuses to believe Babita’s words and goes into shock unable to take on the sorrow.

On hearing about Meet Hooda from Babita, Masum reminds Babita about Meet Ahlawat and his dream of becoming a father.

Masum suggests to Babita a way in which they can still fulfill Meet Ahlawat’s wish of becoming a father.

Babita comes to Meet Hooda and requests her to get out of Meet Ahlawat’s life.

With her hands joined, Babita tells Meet Hooda that she can never give Meet Ahlawat the joy of becoming a father.

For Meet Ahlawat to lead a happy life, Meet Hooda must leave as soon as possible.

Meet Hooda remains shocked on hearing such a demand and remembers Meet Ahlawat’s happy face when talking about parenting.

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