Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Meet asking the parents their address while they both give the wrong address but cover up quickly. 

Meet tells them to not leave for another few minutes as she wants to give Cheeku some gifts. 

The fake parents agree to wait while Meet goes with Manmeet to buy some stuff. 

In the meantime, Kanika calls the parents and tells them to get out of there as soon as they can and put the boy in the ambulance so no one will suspect them. 

At home, Gunwanti asks Sumeet what she has written while Mahendra tells her that she has written: "Welcome Cheeku Bhaiya".

Mahendra tells her that Cheeku is gone for good and will not come back while Sumeet tells him that she will not let Cheeku go. 

Later, Gunwanti calls Kanika asking her if Cheeku’s parents have really taken him home or if he will be coming back as Sumeet says. 

Kanika gets frustrated and tells them that she'll call back. 

Meanwhile, Meet comes back to find Cheeku gone and feels disappointed. 

Just then, Manmeet gets a call from Sapna telling him that Sumeet and her cycle are missing. 

Meet tells Manmeet to check on another road that leads to the hospital and she will take another because Sumeet must be coming to meet Cheeku. 

After a while, Kanika again calls the parents who tell her to transfer the money to their account as they are getting their tyre repaired after that they will come to her only. 

In the meantime, Meet spots the man-eating Jalebi’s and recalls him telling her that he has diabetes. 

She turns around to look for Cheeku and overhears the mother talking about watching a movie. 

Soon she also hears about the money and feels disgusted by the cheap greed that is making them sell a child. 

Just then, Manmeet finds Sumeet cycling toward the hospital and asks her where she is headed too. 

Sumeet tries to lie but Manmeet forces her to confess.

On the other hand, Meet calls Manmeet and tells him about Cheeku’s parents being fake and that they have taken 10 lac rupees for him. 

She tells him to drop Sumeet back home and then meet her again. 

After a while, Meet and Manmeet intercept the parents by luring them to jewellery and beating them to a pulp before getting them arrested. 

Later, they take them to the police station and berate the inspector for not verifying them thoroughly. 

The inspector pretends to be angry and tells Meet that he will get the name of their gang out from them soon. 

As they are leaving, Manmeet sees Cheeku’s file and stops to see it.

Meet points out that all these fake papers have stamps which imply that people who are after Cheeku are very powerful.

At the same time, Kanika trashes her room due to frustration for once again failing to get her hands on Cheeku. 

After a while, Gunwanti and Mahendra come to Kanika to get their license signed for the alcohol factory. 

However, Kanika tells them to bring Cheeku to her if they want the papers signed. 

Meanwhile, Meet wonders why is Cheeku so important to these people and if Cheeku knows something that they don't want him to tell anyone.

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