Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Update

Meet 23rd September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 23rd September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet sitting in a taxi and asking the driver to take her to jail while praying for Shlok’s safety.

At the same time, Dilawer praises Sumeet’s bravado who is ready to be in hellish jail to save her husband. 

Meanwhile, the constable praises Dilawar about the trap he has laid for Sumeet while Dilawar and her men follow the taxi Sumeet is in.

Dilawar tells his men that once he gets his hands on Shlok, he will put him in the square and hang him to death for everyone to see. 

On the other hand, Shlok is worried about arranging 10 lac rupees and wonders how can he do that under the watchful eyes of Dilawar. 

Just then, Naaz comes there with a lot of jewellery boxes showing him her mother’s jewellery that she has always wanted to wear but had needed to marry first. 

Zainab teases Naaz for being excited about her marriage when earlier she used to run in another direction. 

Naaz runs away from there blushing to her roots while Zainab tells Shlok that every day Naaz is falling more and more in love with him. 

Shlok gets worried to hear that and tells Zainab that all this hurry in preparations is making him nervous.

Zainab tells him not to worry as Naaz is a very innocent and dreamy person who is brought up as a cherished daughter and he will also need to take good care of her. 

After Zainab leaves, Shlok gets worried thinking that he cannot break Naaz's heart and he will have to do something to go back as soon as possible. 

He looks at the jewellery left there and curses himself for even thinking about them. 

Just then, a newspaper falls on the floor attracting Shlok’s attention.

On the other hand, Raj is meeting his friend to seek his help in Shlok and Sumeet’s case. 

He assures him that they will do his best to bring Sumeet, Shlok and Akki safely back home.

In the meantime, Bua comes there and tells Raj’s friend to stay for dinner and also meet Raj’s fiance who will be joining them soon. 

However, Raj’s friend excuses himself as he has another meeting and is about to leave when Priyanka comes there wobbling on pencil heels in a western dress and collides with the maid clearing the table. 

The collision results in splashing the drinks on Raj's friend who gets angry as he has to meet with the prime minister. 

As Raj follows his friend to appease him, Bua Ji tells Priyanka that she has made Raj very angry and she should think twice if she really deserves to be with Raj. 

Elsewhere, Sumeet arrives at the jail but is stopped at the gate by the officers who told her that she cannot go in without a permit and above all, this place is not meant for women.

Seeing Sumeet conflicted, the officers threaten them into retreat by pointing rifles at her and the driver. 

After going back a few paces, Sumeet tells the driver to go if he wants but she will not leave until she meets her husband. 

Meanwhile, Dilawar and his men continue to follow Sumeet conspicuously, waiting for an opportunity to pounce on her the moment she commits a crime. 

On the other hand, Shlok arrives at the Ganpati celebration offering to sing the Bhajan for them. 

Meanwhile, Sumeet continues to walk towards the jail looking for a way to enter. 

She looks at the fence anxiously, wondering about how she will cross it to enter the jail.

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