Meet 24th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th February 2023 episode starts with Manmeet practicing wrestling with other fighters.

At the same time, Meet enters the ring like a fierce woman shocking everyone including Manmeet.

Meanwhile, inside the Sarkar mansion, Jashoda scolds all the women in the kitchen for not using sufficient ghee for Manmeet’s food.

Just then, Shagun arrives there to take food for Manmeet which makes Jashoda praise her for being an ideal wife.

One of Sarkar’s daughters-in-law asks Jashoda if she can send a little portion of food for Meet too to which Jashoda replies that she does not care if Meet even dies.

In the meantime, Mehgna is sneaking out with a tiffin box for Meet but unfortunately, Jashoda sees her and orders her to bring back the laundry.

On the other hand, in the ring, two boxers mock Meet for even thinking about fighting while Meet does some stretching.

Meet shuts up the boxer by questing him if it is threatening his masculinity that woman has decided to join him.

When one of the boxers mentions that his wife will also decide to enter the ring after getting inspired by Meet, Manmeet urges him to not worry as he is sure this loss will make Meet realize that women will never be able to be equal the man.

The boxers walk away after reminding Manmeet that if he loses the fight to Meet, he should forget about the ring forever.

Afterward, noticing Meet’s stretching, Manmeet orders her to use the sticks just like him for strength.

Meet’s expression changes as she is unable to lift the stick like Manmet which makes Manmeet laugh at her.

Manmeet however pushes Meet to the ground with just one hand but when Manmeet tries to walk away, Meet grabs his leg causing him to fall.

As Manmeet tries to counter-attack Meet, both of them fall to the ground and a romantic song starts playing on the radio.

While Mamneet and Meet get lost in each other’s eyes for a brief second, Shagun approaches them and gets jealous.

She questions Manmeet about why he is lying on the ground with Meet to which Meet reminds Shagun that she is a third woman.

Manmeet however drags Shagun away while Meet thinks it is time to play with Shagun’s mind.

In the meantime, Manmeet orders Shagun to feed him and she walks out to bring water for him.

Shagun’s eyes widen when she finds Meet punching a sack-like it weighs nothing while Meet smirks as she recalls how she has replaced the heavy sack with an empty one.

Meet continues punching the sack whereas Shagun thinks this 'Parkati' has some strength.

Shagun even gets impressed as Meet lifts up the stick with just one hand and thinks Meet will surely beat Manmeet.

Meanwhile, a flashback shows Meet replacing the wooden sticks with plastic ones to fool Shagun.

She rushes from there as Meet mentions that today is the first day that's why she is doing light exercise but she will do heavy on the sixth day.

Afterward, on one hand, Chanda and Nagarvadhu praise Meet for her plan; on the other hand, Shagun requests Manmeet to forget about the fight as Meet is powerful.

This makes Manmeet angry and he orders Shagun to come out with him.

When they come near the ring, Manmeet orders Meet to pick up the tire like him but Shagun drags him.

Watching Manmeet and Shagun leave, Meet thinks she will make Shagun so much paranoid that Shagun herself will bring her the property papers.

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