Meet 24th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th July 2023 episode starts with Shlok’s uncle asking Sumeet why she complained against Poonam while Sumeet tells them that she cannot stoop so low as to file a complaint against Poonam. 

She also tells them to ask Shlok if he has seen her file any complaints. 

Meanwhile, Shlok looks confused and tells everyone that he does not know what is right and what is wrong but he knows that his mother is in jail and he has to get her out. 

In the meantime, Raunak and Shagun arrive at the police station feeling happy about making a fake call from Sumeet’s name. 

Raunak praises Shagun that now she will get Poonam out of jail and get in their good books while Sumeet will face all the heat.

Shagun tells the police inspector that Poonam is a very nice lady and she can never do anything like this. 

Meanwhile, the inspector tells Shagun that there are domestic violence charges against Poonam.

However, the inspector tells her that they will have to act on the complaint. 

Later, Shagun goes to get the lawyer and instructs Raunak to stay put and not let Sumeet take the complaint back. 

In the meantime, the constable beats the women in the lockup for fighting and is about to hit Poonam when Sumeet stops her.

She tells the constable that someone has used her name to file a false complaint against Poonam. 

She also tells Poonam that she can never think of doing such a despicable thing to her.

Meanwhile, Raunak stops Shlok and tells him that Sumeet is only trying to play innocent to confuse them and he is falling for her lies. 

Shlok tells him to let him do what he thinks is best and not interfere. 

At the same time, the inspector asks Sumeet if she is being pressured into taking the complaint back while Sumeet states that she has no pressure from anyone. 

She also asks the inspector if she can hear the voice message that registered the complaint in her name. 

The inspector tells the constable to file Sumeet’s statement and make her listen to the voice message. 

Raunak gets worried about Sumeet hearing the voice message and wonders what he must do to stop it. 

Later, he realises that the constable is the corrupt one and signals him aside. 

However, Sumeet sees Raunak signal the constable and follows them after signing her statement. 

Sumeet is shocked to see the constable tear apart her statement from the register.

After that, the constable plays Shagun’s voice note for Raunak’s benefit which Sumeet recognises instantly. 

She is about to confront Raunak and the constable when she overhears the constable blackmail Raunak about his wedding day when he helped him. 

Raunak gets angry telling him to stop blackmailing him but the constable tells Raunak that he still holds the recording and statement copy of that night's report. 

Sumeet is astonished to hear about the wedding day while Raunak holds the constable by his throat and tells him to hand over the report to him. 

The constable fears for his life and gives the report to Raunak and runs for his life dropping his phone too. 

Raunak smashes the constable’s phone and looks at the report with evilness. 

On the other hand, Poonam is released from the lock-up and Shlok tells her that it was Sumeet who got her out and has not filed any complaint against her. 

However, he is shocked to hear that Sumeet has not given any statement but it was Shagun who got Poonam out. 

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