Meet 24th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th March 2023 episode starts with Manmeet telling Meet to be careful while she nods at him playfully.

When she stares a little hard at him, Manmeet makes it clear that he isn't concerned for her but Meet just nods amusingly.

However, Manmeet informs her that last night since he didn't sit to drink with Sarkar and Mahendra, the danger is impending on Meet.

Meanwhile, Sarkar goes to his room to grab his gun while Sapna, Sundari, and Gunwanti support a torn Jasodha.

On the other hand, Mahendra and his goons do not find Meet when suddenly they get the news of her roaming in the market.

Since the market would be crowded with people, Mahendra asks the goons to be extra careful and vigilant.

Meanwhile, a boy who is sobbing approaches Meet and tells her that his mother died.

When Meet goes with him, she sees his mother's deathbed empty and not being carried by anyone.

Just then, Mahendra hits Meet on her head with a stick and the goons tie her to the deathbed against her will.

Chanting that it is an inevitable fate to die, they bring Meet to a wood chopping machine running on at an abandoned place.

Meet's hands are tied as her body nears the machine and she yells at Mahendra to free her who just smiles and says Meet would be the first person who lay on the death bed before she even died.

Just then, Mahendra gets a call from Gunwanti that Manmeet is in danger but due to the bad signal, her voice wavers and Mahendra leaves the spot, asking the goons to kill Meet behind his back.

On the other hand, as Meet's phone is not picked up, Manmeet worries, and seeing him makes Ajay question how much Manmeet loves Meet.

However, Manmeet tells Ajay that since he is in love, he thinks others are in love as well.

Meanwhile, Sarkar tells Narendra to call Mahendra and not kill Meet since she must know where Manmeet is.

As they all get inside the car, Jasodha stops Sarkar and lets him know that she will kill herself if anything happens to Manmeet.

Sarkar asks her to get up from his feet and promises to bring Manmeet back without a scratch.

Later, Meet asks the goons to give her some water and when they give it, she splashes it through her mouth to the center of the operator to create a spark.

Meanwhile, Ajay calls Sarkar again who asks him to not do anything to Manmeet and Sarkar throws the phone away in frustration without ending the call.

As they discuss Meet being in danger, Manmeet hears it and gets worried.

However, his alter ego confronts him and asks why he is worried as Meet is finally being wiped out of his life.

At the godown, Meet's handcuffs near the machine and she screws her eyes shut but Manmeet saves her.

The goons look astonished and Meet hugs Manmeet while he caresses her head. 

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