Meet 24th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 24th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th May 2023 episode starts with Manmeet and Meet fighting about wishing Sumeet first and that Sumeet will love the gifts that they have brought. 

Manmeet and Meet compare their gifts when Meet observes Sumeet awake and goes to wish Sumeet first while Manmeet feels cheated and wishes Sumeet the next. 

At the same time, Cheeku watches them loving Sumeet and smiles with joy. 

Meanwhile, Mahendra and Gunwanti are discussing Kanika’s demand with Sarkar while he tells him to give Cheeku to Kanika as he is not their child. 

However, Gunwanti tells him that Meet will not let the child go into Kanika’s hand. 

Sarkar gets angry and tells them if they are so afraid of Meet then they should sit quietly and let their factory close and Meet win. 

However, Mahendra tells Sarkar that this time he will not let Meet win and will hand over the child to Kanika. 

Meanwhile, Sarkar tells them to use Sumeet’s birthday as a perfect opportunity to take Cheeku.

In the meantime, Meet performs Aarti of Sumeet and gives her Kheer (sweet) to eat. 

Afterward, Manmeet tells Sumeet that like every year she will get a lesson in life that will always come in handy in the future. 

Meet goes and gets a watch for Sumeet and tells her that person should be punctual and value time. 

After a while, Sumeet asks Manmeet what will he give her as a gift.

Manmeet explains to her all the itineraries that he has prepared for her birthday and also tells her about the prize money that will go to the person who will write the best poem for Sumeet. 

After a while, Sumeet sees Cheeku and goes to him, sharing her excitement about her birthday and all that they will do together. 

Meanwhile, Mahendra tells Kanika that she will get the child today only. 

Kanika also tells her that she will also get the license for the factory and will leave the house today only. 

Later, Mahendra is keeping an eye on Cheeku while everyone is preparing for the party. 

Just then, Manmeet comes talking on the phone and tells Meet that the event planner for the party has cancelled on them. 

Gunwanti who is behind the event planner debacle suggests having a jungle theme instead and that they will get all the costumes in the village only. 

In the evening, the party is in full swing when Meet’s grandmother comes here bearing gifts.

Afterward, they cut the cake and everyone wishes Sumeet and feed the cake to her. 

After a while, Kanika calls Mahendra asking him how much more time will they need and if she does not get the boy in half an hour, then she will lose her job and he will lose his license. 

In the meantime, Gunwanti comes there and distributes the costume to all children so they can kidnap Cheeku easily. 

Later, she tells Mahendra that Cheeku is in a Deer costume. 

At the same time, Meet put on a GPS watch on Cheeku so that he remains safe even if his kidnappers try to take him again.

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