Meet 24th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 24th October 2022 Written Update

Meet 24th October 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th October 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda coming towards Neelam's room while Neelam expresses anger for Meet Hooda coming close to Meet. 

Barfi Devi feels upset to see Laila takes over Neelu’s body. 

Laila is madly in love with Meet Ahlawat and is ready to kill Meet Hooda to get to him. 

Just then Meet Hooda's voice is overheard calling Neelu. 

Barfi Devi stops her from drinking alcohol as Meet knocks on the door. 

Laila's anger overpower her and she goes to the door with the intention to kill Meet Hooda. 

Just then Barfi Devi injects her with something that puts Laila to sleep. 

Meet smells of alcohol in the room while Barfi Devi tells her that the nail polish bottle has broken and begins to clean it. 

Just then Neelam wakes up and asks Meet Hooda for water. 

Masoom feels happy to get an opportunity to embarrass Meet. 

Meanwhile, Babita hands over the Karwachauth gifts to Sunaina and Ragini when Masoom comes and takes her with her. 

As Meet hands over the water to Neelam, Babita comes and stops Meet Hooda accusing her of sabotaging Neelam's Karwachauth fast.

Meanwhile, Barfi Devi worries about Laila coming out in front of the whole family. 

Just then Meet tells her she has only offered water to Neelam because she is pregnant.

Later, Neelam tells Babita that she has asked for water from Meet and drinks it. 

Afterwards, she innocently asks Babita if her fast is intact or not.

Babita tells her that her fast is intact because she is pregnant and can drink water and juices. 

After everyone leaves, Meet Hooda asks Neelam if she has done this intentionally while Neelam tells her that this ritual is for true couples which she and Meet Ahlawat are. 

Barfi Devi looks shocked to hear Neelam’s argument. 

Meanwhile, Masoom is wondering about the strange behaviour between the two nemeses who are more friends than enemies. 

After a while, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat steal a romantic moment standing in the corner when Meet Hooda remind Meet Ahlawat that they have decided to keep their relationship secret. 

Later, Meet Hooda expresses sympathy for Neelam who is treated badly by someone who is still in the shadows. 

They vow to find the culprit and avenge Neelam.

After a while, Ram suggests that they should play a game to pass the time until Moon is sighted. 

Soon the passing of the parcel begins.

Between the dancing and laughter, the family is having a good time when the pillow stops at Meet Hooda. 

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