Meet 24th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 24th September 2022 Written Update

Meet 24th September 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 24th September 2022 episode starts with Babita telling Raj that she knows he can never get upset with Meet Hooda.

He agrees and asks Babita why she's talking so fondly of Meet Hooda when Meet Hooda comes there with a basket in her hand and Meet Ahlawat in tow.

Elsewhere, Kamal and Pooja are doing some ritual as he gives her honey and tells her to give it to the baby.

However, when Pooja opens the door of the basket, she gets shocked and tells Kamal that the baby is not in the basket and worries about the police finding the kid.

Back in the hotel room, Meet Hooda tries to diffuse the situation by telling Meet Ahlawat to help her arrange the things from the basket but stops when he goes in front of Raj and apologizes to him.

Meet Hooda and Babita also apologize to Raj when he feels betrayed by his family members.

Meet Ahlawat is about to leave when Meet Hooda stops him and convinces Raj to let Meet Ahlawat stay with them during the Tirth Yatra.

Raj agrees with the condition that he will not sleep in the same room as him and leaves while Babita tells Meet Hooda that their plan will go to waste if the father-son duo does not communicate.

On the other hand, Pooja gives the description of Meet Hooda and Meet Ahalwat to Kamal recalling that they had similar baskets.

Kamal tells Pooja that he wants a son after having three daughters and sacrificing the baby is the only way for them to fulfill their wish as he brings out a knife from the bag.

Back at Ahlawat's house, Masoom feels grateful that she is back at the air-conditioned house due to the ceiling of the Hooda house collapsing and Raj letting them stay there for the time being.

Just then, Sunaina comes there and tells Masoom that she will have to choose whose side she will be living on and she reluctantly says that she is on Meet Hooda's side.

At the same time, Barfi Devi tells Neelam to be careful of Meet Hooda's grandmother.

Later, Neelam is learning how to make Kesariya Kheer for Meet Ahlawat while Dadi and Isha come there and start talking about how Meet Ahlawat only eats Kesariya Kheer made by Meet Hooda and nobody else.

Getting overwhelmed with emotions, Neelam adds rat poison to the kheer and is about to eat it but Dadi and Isha stop her.

However, Neelam tells them that she knows they hate her and leaves from there stating that it is better that she dies.

Elsewhere, Kamal manages to find the room in which Meet Ahlawat is staying and looks through the window.

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