Meet 25th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 25th July 2023 episode starts with Shlok bringing Poonam back to the house.

Dadi consoles Poonam saying that time is temporary whether it is good or bad.

Pankhudi says that it is the first time when she has watched Dadi and Poonam mollifying each other and it is Sumeet who brought the problems on them.

Shlok gets irked by the name while Poonam rushes to her room and locks herself inside.

The moments of getting arrested flash before Poonam's eyes while Shlok knocks at her door to open it.

Bitti tells Shlok that he has to take care of Sumeet as the water has gone above their head.

On the other hand, Sumeet is running away from Raunak with reports in his hands.

As she reaches a dead end, she hides from Raunak and stumbles upon a table having bundles of paper.

Sumeet shrieks as the report gets mixed in the bundle of papers while Raunak comes there and put all the papers in the burning Chulha.

Raunka smiles evilly thinking that Sumeet has not proof left with her and leaves.

Sumeet with a victorious grin recalls the moment when she hid the reports in a book and deliberately stumbled on the bundle of papers.

On the other hand, Shlok announces that he is ready to engage Bitti which makes Poonam open the door to her room.

Shlok tells Poonam that the promise she made to Bitti's mother will be fulfilled.

Engagement preparations are done and Bitti asks Shlok if is aware of his doings and knows engagement means commitment.

Meanwhile, Sumeet drops a voice message for Shlok telling him about the proof.

However, Pankhudi sees the message as the mobile is on charging mode and she immediately informs Shagun about the same.

Shagun coaxes Pankhudi in deleting the message after which she calls Raunak to inform the same.

Sumeet returns to the Choudhary house where she hears locals talking about Shlok and Bitti's engagement.

Before she can step inside, Raunak appears there stopping her from going inside.

While Shlok is performing engagement rituals, Raunak shows Sumeet the video of Shagun attempting to hurt Bani.

Sumeet gets shocked to see that and slaps Raunak hard on his cheek.

Raunak rigidly holds Sumeet's wrist asking her to use her hands to burn the paper not slap him.

Sumeet is forced to burn the reports as Raunak threatens again to hurt Bani who is pregnant.

After warning Raunak that she still has 9 days to prove her innocence and the truth to Shlok, Sumeet goes inside the house.

As the door opens, Sumeet witness Shlok holding the ring to Bitti's finger.

Interrupting the ceremony, Sumeet tells Shlok that he cannot get engaged with her being there.

Shlok irately tells Sumeet that he has tried enough to make her understand but she is foolish to not get it.

Sumeet heartbrokenly watches the ceremony proceeding while her moments with Shlok flash before her eyes.

Sumeet declares that she will not leave until she proves the truth in the remaining 9 days.

On the other hand, Raj comes to meet Shagun while Raunak is fretting about Sumeet bringing the truth out.

Raj begs Shagun to not bring Sumeet amidst their enmity.

Further on, Shlok gets CCTV cameras installed in the entire house and announces that everybody will ignore her till the time she is here.

Sumeet feels bad for how things have turned out while Shlok goes to see a doctor as the itching on his hand gets worsened.

The doctor informs him that it is a chemical allergy due to tattoo ink which makes Shlok wonder as he never got a tattoo done.

He dismisses the thought of Sumeet being right as soon as it occurs in his mind.

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