Meet 25th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 25th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 25th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 25th June 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda being tied up to a chair in the godown while Manushi comes there and mocks her.

Meet Hooda demands to see her son while the flashback shows Manushi blackmailing Meet Hooda to make a video telling Meet Ahlawat that she doesn’t want to live with him anymore and is going away forever.

Meet Hooda tries to convince Manushi to spare her son while Manushi reveals that she is planning to send her abroad and away from her loved ones.

However, Meet Hooda refuses and Manushi threatens to harm her son which makes Meet Hooda comply with all her demands.

Feeling emotional, Meet Hooda requests Manushi let her hold her son at least once but Manushi calls someone and shows Meet Hooda her son through video call.

Manushi disconnects the call and tells Meet Hooda that now it’s time for her to board the flight and leave the country.

Meet Hooda cries and thinks that she has to somehow get a hold of the phone and inform Meet Ahlawat of the truth and hopes that he understands that she did everything for her baby.

Meanwhile, at Ahlawat's house, the family comforts Meet Ahlawat while Masoom badmouths Meet Hooda.

Meet feels numb remembering the video while Raj says that there must be a reason as to why Meet Hooda left.

Back at the godown, Manushi takes Meet Hooda to Kunal while Meet Hooda thinks that she can trace her child’s location if she gets a hold of Manushi’s phone and starts untying the rope around her hands.

Elsewhere, Meet Ahlawat’s grief turns into hatred for Meet Hooda and he starts destroying things while the family calms him.

Meet Hooda manages to untie her hands and starts fighting with Manushi for the phone while Kunal tries to strangle her.

However, Meet Hooda gets hit on the head and gets trapped under wooden items while the godown catches fire.

Manushi tries to save her but Kunal drags her away.

At the same time, Meet Ahlawat lights Meet Hooda’s pictures on fire and states that she’s dead for him while Manushi and Kunal see the godown burn to ashes.

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