Meet 25th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 25th June 2023 episode starts with Raunak celebrating his fame and 1 million likes when Shlok enters.

Raunak aggressively asks Shlok how dare he take away the title of wonder boy from him and disclose the secret by introducing himself as Wonder Boy to a girl.

Raunak further asks Shlok who that beautiful, hot and happening girl is to which Shlok gets aggressive and grasps Raunak’s collar.

Shlok pants angrily while Raunak taunts him about misbehaving with his master and tells him not to forget that he has sold his voice for a huge amount of money. 

As the two boys start fighting, Shagun comes and asks Raunak how he could behave like this with such a nice boy.

Raunak tells her that Shlok was going to disclose their secret in front of the world for a girl.

However, Shagun makes sure that Shlok won’t break the promise and let her down, to which Shlok agrees.

Shagun asks Shlok about the injuries and jokes that it must be because of that girl and asks who she is.

Shlok replies that everything is over now and listening to this, Shagun laughs and says that good and bad memories last forever.

On the other hand, Sumeet is upset and thinking about Shlok when Raj enters and tries to console Sumeet.

Raj hugs Sumeet and tells how their parents got betrayed by their own family remembering that incident with teary eyes.

Raj explains that he will always protect her to save her from disgusting people like Shlok and sings a poem for Sumeet.

Later, Shlok is determined to express his love for Sumeet at the party happening the next day.

The next day at Bachelor's party, Vaani thanks Sumeet for hosting such an amazing party when everyone starts asking about wonder boy.

Sumeet is about to say no when Raunak enters and Sumeet gets surprised.

Abhay introduces Sumeet to Raunak and praises her.

Suddenly, everyone starts requesting Raunak to sing a song but he denies it and promises to sing in marriage.

Shlok enters the party with a pitiful face and Raunak introduces Shlok to Sumeet as a smart and intelligent boy while Sumeet taunts that she already knows him and he is quite smart.

In the meantime, the guard informs Raj that Shlok is also present at the party and Raj gets shocked.

At the party, Shlok follows Sumeet and requests her to talk but Sumeet gets angry and asks how shameless he is and how he could use his brother's name, fame and success.

Shlok then shows the moon to Sumeet both in the sky and in reflection and says one is real and the other is just a reflection just like his life as Wonder Boy.

Sumeet says that all this can't change the reality and the pain she is feeling can't be imagined.

With teary eyes, she explains how he has broken her and leaves.

Just then, Raunak enters and confirms to Shlok that Sumeet is the girl he loves.

Shlok aggressively reacts and says that he is the owner of his throat and not his heart and asks him to mind his own business.

In Sumeet's room, Sumeet talks to Raj and requests him not to take any action by saying that Shlok doesn't matter to her.

At Shagun's house, Shagun is watching Raunak's concert when Raunak's father asks Shagun why she has sent Raunak to Ahlawat's house.

Shagun says that she knows Raunak's anger and supports him.

At the party, Shlok is finding ways to talk to Sumeet and seeing this, Raunak asks Sumeet for a dance.

Sumeet is not interested but Vaani requests her to dance while Raunak and Sumeet dance but both Shlok and Sumeet keep on staring at each other.

After the dance, Raunak goes down on his knees with a rose and asks Sumeet if she will marry him, leaving Sumeet and Shlok shocked.

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