Meet 25th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th March 2023 Written Episode Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 25th March 2023 episode starts with Meet hugging Manmeet and thanking him for saving her life from the hands of death at the end moment.

Manmeet asks Meet to calm down and tells the goons who are present there to hand over a glass of water to them.

After Meet calms down a bit, Manmeet walks away with her but the goons stop them and tell Manmeet that they have received the order to kill Meet.

Manmeet laughs and says that there is no fun in the game if the rival gets killed without finishing the game and tries to sweep Meet away.

However, one of the goons puts his hand on Manmeet’s shoulder and tells him that he cannot take Meet from there.

Manmeet mumbles that the goon should not have done that and places a hard kick on the goon’s stomach.

Meanwhile, Sarkar reaches the warehouse where Meet is supposed to be killed to check things and also to hand over Jalebi to the kidnapper.

Sarkar asks Narendra to keep an eye on Jalebi and goes inside with one of his men to check the situation.

Manmeet and Meet beat up the goons inside together which Sarkar witnesses and freezes in his spot.

As several goons attack them at the same time, Manmeet lifts up Meet while she kicks the goons strongly.

Sarkar finds it difficult to process things in his mind and believes that Manmeet is working with Meet and betraying him at the same time.

Sarkar remembers how Imarti warned him that Manmeet is helping Meet in working against him but he did not believe her.

Manmeet injures his hand with the blade while fighting but finally he and Meet manage to defeat all the goons.

After the fight gets over, Meet ties Manmeet’s wound with a cloth and wipes the blood from his mouth with the cloth of her attire.

Meet tells Manmeet that he is a good person at heart but pretends to act cruelly due to the men of the Sarkar Mahal.

Sarkar feels devastated as he hears Manmeet and Meet discussing their plan to stop the marriage and silently walks away from there.

Manmeet asks Meet to keep her vulgar thoughts to herself as he lied to his Sarkar Bapu for the first time to which Meet replies that a lie used for a good purpose is equal to 100 truths.

Keeping aside his ego, Manmeet thanks Meet for helping him while Meet says that they can change Sarkarpur if they come together.

Sarkar comes out and asks Narender to leave Jalebi where it was demanded and thinks about how his own son betrayed him.

After Ajay meets with Jalebi, Meet asks him to call Sarkar and close the deal which he does by informing Sarkar that he has released Manmeet.

Manmeet calls Sarkar and tells him that he has been released to which Sarkar asks him to meet them at the chowk.

Later, Mahendra gets angry on hearing about Manmeet’s betrayal but Sarkar asks him to keep silent.

Sarkar tells Manmeet to release the footage he made of Meet with another guy and destroy her image so that she is forced to leave.

Manmeet agrees to do it and comes home to be welcomed by Jasodha but continues to worry about Sarkar’s mission and how he will do it.

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