Meet 25th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 25th May 2023 episode starts with Manmeet curiously asking to Meet why she made Chiku wear a GPS watch.

Meet replies that she doesn't want to take any risk about Chiku while explaining the features of the watch.

Soon after that, Manmeet starts a jungle-themed party with storytelling and gathers the kids in animal costumes.

On the other hand, Gunwanti and Mahendra get worried by thinking about how to kidnap Chiku when they get Kanika's call.

Kanika warns him by telling that they don't have much time.

Gunwanti wears a lion's costume and Mahendra motivates her to kidnap Chiku by saying let's go my dear lioness.

Gunwanti gets mixed up with the kids and starts playing her role according to the story and tries to kidnap Chiku.

Since it gets tough for Gunwanti to odd out Chiku, Mahendra wears the lion's mask and gets Chiku aside, and starts walking toward the gate.

Just then, Manmeet ends the story by saying that all the animals live together happily and Sumeet calls Chiku to tell him that they will live happily together.

As Sumeet walks to Chiku, Mahendra disappears before anyone notices him.

Soon after that, Meet announces that they will have a jungle dance now and the kids get excited and start dancing.

Just then Kanika calls Mahendra again, breathing down his neck to hurry as only five minutes are left in their time to get over after which her job and his dream both will end.

Mahendra gets worried and tells Kanika to not say such things as she will get the child in time.

Mahendra Kidnaps Chiku

Mahendra notices that Chiku steps aside from the party to drink water and covers Chiku with the cloth and walks toward the gate with him.

At the same time, Meet gets an alarm on her watch and she checks her phone to see Chiku's location.

Meet calls Manmeet as she gets shocked by seeing that Chiku's location keeps moving away from her.

As Manmeet gets worried and starts looking for Chiku, Meet tells him that maybe Chiku has gone to the washroom.

On the other hand, Mahendra holds Chiku tightly and walks out from the party hall with Gunwanti.

However, Mahendra hides in the corner with Chiku when they see Meet's Dadi talking on the phone.

As Gunwanti is wearing a lion's costume, Dadi recognizes her and removes her mask.

Since Dadi is about to walk inside, Chiku starts shaking his body out of fear and kicks the table kept in the corner.

Dadi turns back and starts walking toward the corner which makes Gunwanti and Mahendra hold their breaths.

Just then, a lady calls Dadi inside and Gunwanti sighs at ease.

Soon after that, Gunwanti and Mahendra hand over Chiku to Kanika's men and return to join the party.

Sumeet's plan

Mahendra smiles at Gunwanti by saying that all is well if the end is well.

Meanwhile being unaware of Chiku's kidnapping, Meet and Manmeet keeps enjoying the birthday party.

When Gunwanti gives a gift to Sumeet while wishing her, Sumeet doesn't respond.

Gunwanti tells Meet that she will remove Sumeet's mask, by saying that maybe she is suffocating.

However, everyone gets shocked when Gunwanti removes the tiger mask and it turns out to be Chiku.

Meet and Manmeet get panicked and start calling Sumeet while Mahendra and Gunwanti get puzzled.

On the other hand, Kanika gets surprised when her man removes the deer mask, and she hides behind the bar at the corner.

Sumeet asks those men if they want to kidnap Chiku and challenges them by saying that she won't let them live in peace.

Kanika irritatingly mutters that Sumeet is just like her mother.

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