Meet 25th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th September 2023 Written Update

Meet 25th September 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 25th September 2023 episode starts with Sumeet telling herself that she knows Shlok and Akki are in this house only.

She rings the bell when Shlok and Akki hide as they think that it is Dilawar/Bilawal.

The lady welcomes Sumeet inside her house when Sumeet reveals that she is there to invite them to the Ganpati pooja.

The lady apologizes saying that they won't be able to attend while Sumeet asks for permission to look around the house to see how Pakistani houses are.

Shlok feels Sumeet's presence and wonders if he should look behind the curtain or not.

Sumeet is also on the other side of the curtain and is about to check there but gets called by Naaz.

As Sumeet leaves, the anklet from her feet gets thrown to the other side of the curtain, reaching Shlok who smiles seeing it.

Naaz asks Sumeet what she is doing there while Sumeet continues her lie of inviting them to the Ganesh pooja.

However, noticing Sumeet's attention towards the curtain, Naaz lifts it to reveal nothing on the other side.

Elsewhere, Shlok and Akki continue trying to escape without being caught by family, hoping that they reach Gafur.

Bilawar on the other hand tortures Gafur by pushing his hand in the burning oil and tells him to get the whereabouts of Shlok.

Gafur finally gives him the list of the Indians he's going to smuggle to the other side of the border to which Bilawar gets happy to see Shlok Choudhary's name on it, thinking that he will catch and kill him.

Sumeet and Naaz continue talking about Adil when Naaz talks about Akki, making Sumeet suspicious of Akki and Adil being her Shlok and Akki.

Just then, a servant comes there and gives Naaz the pictures that she had gotten printed which fall on the ground.

Sumeet helps Naaz pick up the pictures and confirms that Adil and Akki are indeed her family members.

The policeman walks by just then, talking on the walkie-talkie about the plan to shoot the Indian terrorist Shlok at the border.

Naaz goes and turns off the walkie-talkie seeing Sumeet, saying that they should not give information to their neighbouring friends.

Meanwhile, Shlok, Akki, and the rest of the Indians are on their way to the jungle where the baskets with their things are kept.

As they all wear the shawls given in the basket, Akki points out how only his and Shlok's shawl has a big red cross on their backs.

Gafur communicates to them through the walkie-talkie, telling them that they will be walking to the border once he signals while being at gunpoint by Bilawar.

Sumeet on the other hand manages to sneak into a police jeep which is on its way towards the border where Bilawar is.

Near the border, Bilawal orders his men to keep their guns ready as no Indian should leave Pakistan alone.

He tells the police officers not to shoot Shlok and Akki as he himself will kill them and that Shlok's shawl has a red cross.

Sumeet hears Bilawal's orders to shoot the Indians and gets worried while Gafur signals the Indians to start walking towards the border.

The team and Bilawal point their guns at the Indians while Sumeet gets out of the jeep and prays for their safety as she cannot save them even if she runs with all her might.

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