Meet 26th April 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th April 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th April 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 26th April 2022 episode starts with Shantanu telling Meet Hooda that he had very bad intentions but controlled himself while recalling seeing the message that Isha had sent to her.

Meet Hooda starts beating up Shantanu when Meet Ahlawat comes there and stops her.

Meet Hooda tries to tell him the truth but Meet Ahlawat silences her wnd says that Shantanu saw Isha unconscious and brought her to the hotel while informing him.

Just then, Isha regains consciousness, and Meet Ahlawat rushes to her asking her how she got there.

Isha feels scared to tell Meet Ahlawat that she came to meet Deep and lies that she came to meet her friend.

Meet Ahlawat feels upset and angry at Meet Hooda and leaves with Isha while Shantanu tells Meet Hooda that he is going to ruin all of her relations.

Later, Meet Ahlawat is getting ready for the Mehendi ceremony while Meet Hooda stands in front of him with the jewelry hoping that he will put it on her as he did in the past.

She stands on a stool with the excuse of getting the suitcase and falls while Meet Ahlawat rushes and saves her from falling.

In the Mehendi ceremony, Meet Ahlawat picks up Isha to cheer her up and dances with the whole family while Meet Hooda looks at them from the balcony.

The family members get emotional as Babita tries to calm Ragini saying that Isha is going to rule the Rana house after marriage and is going to be happy with Shantanu.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda cries looking at them and says that Isha will suffer if she marries Shantanu.

Meet Ahlawat urges Raj to tell them the story of his wedding with Babita and he agrees while Babita feels shy.

Isha recalls her moments with Deep and feels upset while Raj says that if the love between two people is true, then society will accept them sooner or later.

At the same time, Meet Hooda looks at them and says that she won't let Isha's life be ruined and will get her married to Deep.

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