Meet 26th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th December 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th December 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 26th December 2022 episode starts with Meet Hooda getting shocked to see Meet Ahlawat and asking him if he escaped from the police to come there.

Meet Ahlawat tells her that he'll fight even death itself to save her and runs towards the crane.

Meet Ahlawat tries to open the crane's door but fails after which he tries to climb the crane.

However, some goons come there just then and push Meet Ahlawat's leg making him trip from the crane and fall to the ground.

Meet Ahlawat stands up and starts fighting with the goons when another goon also comes there and starts fighting with Meet Ahlawat while Meet Hooda shouts for Meet Ahlawat to not give up.

The two goons overpower Meet Ahhlawat and keep pushing him back toward the edge of the cliff while Meet Ahlawat falls from the cliff but manages to hold onto a giant rock as support.

He manages to support himself and fights with the goons while Pratap climbs the crane's control and starts swinging the crane.

Meet Hooda's hand slips from the knot and she tries to hold onto the knot with one hand while Meet Ahlawat and Pratap start fighting.

On the other hand, the judge demands the presence of Meet Ahlawat and Meet Hooda in the court making Anurag worried.

Back at the cliff, Meet Hooda's hand slips and she is about to fall when Meet Ahlawat comes there and saves her.

He tells her that he was able to save her cause he loves her more than her itself and hugs her.

Pratap comes there and tries to hit them with the giant rock but fails to balance himself and falls.

Further, Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat take Pratap to the court and reveal the truth to the judge and the court with the help of Ishani's testimony.

The Ahlawat family has a family hug while Barfi Devi slaps Pratap and leaves from there.

Meet Hooda stops Anurag and thanks him while he also thanks her for saving Amrita and giving him his love.

The next day, Meet Ahlawat gathers the family at the in-house temple and shows them the 3D model of a factory.

He reveals that it's the model of his dream factory where only females will work from top to bottom.

Ishaani and Masoom joke that their job is fixed while Meet Ahlawat informs the family that he, Meet Hooda, and Ragini will go to the location of the factory.

The next morning, Meet Ahlawat, Meet Hooda, and Ragini are on their way toward the factory while on the same road a police jeep is after the terrorists who are running away with their boss.

Suddenly, Meet Ahlawat sees the terrorist's jeep coming towards them and tries to swerve away from the jeep.

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