Meet 26th February 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th February 2022 Written Update

Meet 26th February 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet Serial 26th February 2022 episode starts with Tej reacting to Ashok’s photo, asking everyone to run away and he himself starts running upstairs in fear while Meet Hooda wonders about Tej’s reaction to Ashok’s photo.

In the market, the constable comes to inform Hawa Singh of someone refusing to pay the bribe.

At the same time, Hawa Singh spots Anubha and Dadi distributing pamphlets of their new business.

Hawa Singh approaches them and praises Ashok Hooda for being honest and brave.

Meanwhile, Meet and Meet Hooda discusses Tej’s condition and his doctor's advice to recreate the scenario responsible for Tej’s condition, to cure Tej.

Later, Hawa Singh predicts Meet Hooda causing problems for him in the future and decides to get in her good books to keep watch on her.

During their discussion, Meet Hooda spots someone behind their car.

On further investigation she finds a balloon boy, she gives her money for food, and goes on planning Tej's recovery.

The next day, at Anubha’s Handycraft business inauguration, Meet Hooda leaves the house to meet Tej and Meet Ahlawat.

Soon, Meet and Tej arrives at the appointed location and begin getting ready. While Meet Ahlawat goes to pray at a nearby temple, Babita arrives in her car.

Later at Ashok Hooda’s house, Rajvardhan presents them with an inauguration gift and calls for Babita.

On the other hand, Babita is in rage over Meet Hooda’s plan and sends Tej back and faints while furiously scolding Meet Hooda.

On his return, Meet Ahlawat is surprised at finding Babita there. He tries to wake her and calls for the doctor.

While waiting beside the car, Tej is overwhelmed with the ongoing traffic and runs to get away from it.

Realising Tej’s absence the driver rushes to inform Meet Hooda and Meet Ahlawat of Tej’s disappearance.

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