Meet 26th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th February 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th February 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 26th February 2023 episode starts with Meet noticing someone in the kitchen and running behind to catch him while he escapes from her hands.

Jasodha and all the Sarkar family's members gather in the hall while Jasodha questions Meet for waking up everyone at the midnight with her screams.

Meet tells Jasodha and Sarkar that she saw a man running downstairs but wasn’t able to catch him as he escaped while Sundari interrupts the conversation by telling Meet that it may have been her misunderstanding.

Sarkar asks Sundari to stop creating assumptions and proclaims all the Sarkar members to be present in the hall the next morning.

Meanwhile, Meet notices a guy’s shoe placed behind the curtain and doubts his small shoe size.

On the other hand, Sundari asks Anuja to come into her room and gives her a hug, telling her not to worry as no one will ever find out about her being in the kitchen.

Sundari tells Anuja that she will become free soon once she is changed to Anuj from Anuja.

Meanwhile, Anuja replies back to Sundari that once she is operated on and gets converted to a male, all the bad luck from Sundari and Meghna’s life will escape.

The next morning, Manmeet enters his room and doubts if Meet still has got a ghost stuck in her soul and he taps her shoulder due to which Meet screams.

Manmeet falls down, which makes Meet laugh in happiness and she starts teasing Manmeet for his phobia of ghost.

Meanwhile, Manmeet tells her that a man does not fear or cry to which Meet answers that all his perceptions will soon be answered in the upcoming wrestling match between them.

On the other hand, Meet asks Anuja about her studies and Anuja tells her that she cannot talk to her due Jasodha's terror.

Meanwhile, Shagun approaches Manmeet and asks him if he is thinking about Meet to which Manmeet replies that he doesn’t even consider Meet at his level.

Shagun calls Meet to be different from others while Manmeet asks Shagun to come with her and show her how different Meet is.

On the other hand, Anuja tells Meet about Megha’s sufferings due to her and incompletely leaves the conversation.

Anuja gets her feet out of her footwear that Meet notices and doubts them to be the same size as the last night's guy’s.

Meanwhile, all the family members gather in the hall on Sarkar’s order while Jasodha outrageously asks who called the guy for meet up at midnight.

Jasodha asks Imarti from Sarkar’s women's line to stand apart and ends up giving punishment to Meghna, Sapna, Anuja, and Sundari to go upstairs and come back down on Jasodha’s countdown.

However, Meet sees the pain in Sapna’s eyes as she doesn’t want to hurt the baby by performing the punishment.

Jasodha asks all the Sarkar women to begin their punishment and send them upstairs while Sapna feels fainted as she cannot handle the pain.

Meet looks at Narendra and feels helpless for Sapna while Meet then asks all the women to stop while Jasodha gives her a killing look.

Meet apologizes to Sarkar as she considers it to be her mistake of watching someone coming into the kitchen due to her sleepiness.

Sarkar asks Meet to take care next time or she will suffer the consequences.

Sapna passes Meet and Narendra a smile while Jasodha asks all the women to get back to their work.

On the other hand, Narendra and Sapna discuss Meet’s kindness in saving Sapna and her child’s health while Sapna prays for Meet to win the wrestling match.

Meanwhile, Jasodha asks Meet for lying about her sleepiness to which Meet replies that she doesn’t consider answering a woman who does not respect other women.

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