Meet 26th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 26th July 2023 episode starts with Sumeet wondering what Shagun has gotten her hands on now.

At the same time, Shagun arrives there with servants following on her tail with jewellery in their hands.

Shagun asks Sumeet to get ready as she must be Shagun has called Press Conference to show the proof which will prove Sumeet is Raunak's wife.

As Sumeet rebels against Shagun, she forcefully makes her wear other jewels which are no less than bondages.

Shagun mocks Sumeet as the latter falls down when she tries to walk.

Sumeet's eyes fall on the Sindoor bowl on the vanity table and she slowly walks to pick up the bowl.

Picking up the bowl, Sumeet furls it at Shagun and the Sindoor makes Shagun's vision blurry.

As the vision clears for Shagun, she finds Sumeet freed from the jewels and angrily lurks on Sumeet.

However, Shagun stumbles on the jewels and finds herself bound by them.

Further on, the press assembles in the Chaudhary house while Sumeet wonders about the proof.

Deceivingly, Sumeet makes Raunak come to the back of the house where she tortures Raunak to reveal their plan for the press conference.

As Raunak is about to reveal their plan, Shlok comes there hearing the shouts of Raunak.

Shlok frees Raunak while Sumeet tries to stop him from doing so.

Shlok taunts Sumeet that if she is standing for the truth why she can't face the proofs or is it that her truth doesn't have that strength?

Later on, the conference begins when Shagun states that she has an eyewitness as proof.

Everyone gets shocked to see Raj walking into the press conference and joining Shagun.

Raj gives the statement that Raunak is Sumeet's husband as he had seen his face while performing rituals.

In the flashback, Raj thinks about the moment when Shagun posed the condition of the press conference in front of Raj.

Raj had declined first but Shagun offered to file for divorce after the press conference after which Raj agreed.

In the present, Sumeet throws a fit, asking Raj why he is lying and giving false statements in the media.

Raj tries to calm down Sumeet while Poonam feels relieved that Sumeet will be gone from the house now.

Shlok questions Raj why he did not reveal the truth before and lies to them in their faces.

Raj lies that Shagun is their enemy and he did not want Meet to be married off to their enemy due to which he along with Sumeet formulated the plan and said that she got married to Shlok.

Shagun shows some wedding photographs of Raunak to confirm Raj's statement while Sumeet keeps wailing that they are all lying.

Raj stands up to leave and whispers to Shagun that he has kept his part of the deal and now it is her turn.

Sumeet follows Raj outside of the house where she blames Raj for ruining things for her while Shagun and Raunak watch them through the windows.

As they both leave, Raj embraces Sumeet, and the two smile as their plan is working and Shagun is in for a surprise.

On the other hand, Shagun tells Raunak that Raj and Meet are not aware of whom they are trying to trick as she has planned opposite to what they are thinking.

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