Meet 26th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 26th March 2023 episode starts with Manmeet and Meet staring at each other happily as they have averted the crisis and stopped Sarkar’s wedding.

However, Imarti brings back Jalebi with her and tells Sarkar that she rescued Jalebi from that kidnapper and Jalebi has nothing to do with the kidnapping.

Imarti asks Sarkar if he is ready to marry Jalebi now to which Sarkar replies that his marriage will happen that day only.

Manmeet, Meet, and Jasodha get shocked and internally panic as they never thought that Imarti would bring Jalebi back.

Imarti calls the priest and asks him to start the preparations for the wedding while Sarkar dwells upon the scene of seeing Manmeet and Meet together.

Sarkar announces that he is ready to marry Jasodha once again and tells her that Manmeet should get the love of both parents as he has returned after 24 years.

Manmeet gets happy hearing Sarkar’s announcement and hugs him happily while Sarkar puts on a neutral expression.

Sarkar tells Manmeet that he is marrying Jasodha for him as he is meant to be his most capable son and no one can snatch away Manmeet from him.

Gunwanti tells Jasodha that she will prepare her grandly for the wedding and takes her inside while Manmeet’s eyes fall on Meet.

Seeing Meet smile, Manmeet remembers that he is supposed to reveal that clip that Sarkar wants and dirty Meet’s image.

Sarkar comes to his room with Mahendra and starts to vent out his frustration when Meet comes there with drinks and asks Mahendra to hire a few smart goons next time as she escaped easily this time.

After Meet leaves, Sarkar says that Manmeet was the one who saved her and he will also destroy her himself.

Manmeet asks Gunwanti to make kheer for Sarkar and Jasodha but she says that she is very busy at that moment.

Meet brings kheer to Manmeet and tells him that she knows him that much to predict that kheer is important on happy occasions.

Manmeet gets happy and thanks Meet for making kheer while Meet leaves.

Later, Meet comes to Jasodha with her mehendi (Henna cone) while Jasodha asks Gunwanti to leave her alone for a moment.

On the other hand, Sarkar instigates Shagun by telling the truth to her about Manmeet and Meet working together without telling her.

Jasodha thanks Meet for returning her husband to her but gets hesitant as Meet asks Jasodha to accept her as her daughter.

Jasodha says that a woman always needs a man to stand strong and respectfully in society and asks Meet why she is still with them when she handed the factory papers to Meet a long time ago.

Meet says that she needs Jasodha’s blessings but Jashodha reminds Meet that she and Manmeet do not love each other.

Jashodha says that she wants Manmeet to be happy and his happiness lies with Shagun, not Meet as they are not made for each other.

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