Meet 26th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 26th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 26th May 2023 episode starts with Manmeet and Meet getting panicked while looking for Sumeet, everywhere at the party.

However, Mahendra and Gunwanti also start calling Sumeet's name when Meet announces that she won't let anything happen to Sumeet.

Soon after that, Mahendra gets Kaniks's call who warns him of his grave mistake and hangs up the call without even listening to him.

Meanwhile, Meet bursts into tears and sits on the floor while muttering that she can't lose her second child.

Manmeet tries to comfort her when Meet wipes her tears and starts looking for Sumeet, announcing that she will find her no matter what.

Just then, Gunwanti gets scared and takes Mahendra to the corner.

She advises him to leave there or else, Meet and Manmeet will call the police and they will be trapped.

Since Mahendra gets irate by Gunwanti's foolishness, he warns her to pretend like they are searching for Sumeet.

On the other hand, Meet and Manmeet check the house thoroughly when Manmeet gets the kidnapper's call.

As the kidnapper demands Manmeet to hand over Chiku in exchange for Sumeet, Manmeet asks him what he is going to do with Chiku.

On the other side, Kanika tells the kidnapper to give the phone to Sumeet.

Manmeet gets helpless when Sumeet cryingly tells him that the kidnappers have tied her and asks him to save her.

Meanwhile, Meet sees Manmeet's shadow on the wall and starts walking to him while the kidnapper hangs up the call by saying that he will call back.

In the meantime, Mahendra and Gunwanti are hearing the conversation hiding behind the wall and Gunwanti praises Kanika's brain for turning the mess in her favor.

However, Gunwanti gets surprised when Manmeet tells Meet that it was Sumeet's call and she went to her friend's house with Anuja.

When Meet tells Manmeet if he is hiding something from her as his eyes look teary, Manmeet lies to her as he is having a headache due to the party and will take some rest.

Meet gets worried when Manmeet leaves there by saying that he will get back to Sumeet while Jasodha notices Manmeet's stressful behavior.

Soon after that, Meet gets a constable's call informing her that Kanika is coming to meet the manager while Meet tells him to reset the clock in the meeting room, 30 minutes early.

Meet decides to meet the manager by pretending as Kanika and leaves without telling Manmeet as he is having a headache.

However, in Manmeet's room, Jasodha puts Manmeet's hand on her head and asks him about his restlessness.

Jasodha gets shocked when Manmeet tells her that someone kidnapped Sumeet and demanded Chiku in exchange for Sumeet.

Tears start rolling down from Manmeet's eyes when he asks Jasodha how he can explain to Meet about the situation.

Meanwhile, Chiku is praying for Sumeet when Meet comes and takes him to Manmeet's room.

As Meet arrives in the room with Chiku, Jasodha, and Manmeet pretends like everything is alright.

Meet puts Chiku's hand in Manmeet's hand while asking him to take care of Chiku as she has to head out for something.

She leaves there by saying that she can rest assured as Manmeet will take care of Chiku properly.

In the meantime, Mahendra and Gunwanti keep their eyes on everything while peeking from the window.

Soon after that, Manmeet walks out of his room restlessly and stamps his fist on the wall.

Jasodha comes to him and makes him understand that he has to save Sumeet no matter what.

Jasodha tells Manmeet to fulfill his duty as a father and to save his real daughter Sumeet while he gets confused with the dilemma kept in front.

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