Meet 27th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th April 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th April 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 27th April 2023 episode starts with Manmeet slowly holding Shagun's hand, but his eyes strangely continue to look in Meet's direction.

Shagun perks up at the touch, timidly asking if it is Manmeet, to which he whispers to her about their marriage.

Shagun looks confused, telling Manmeet not to marry a blind person but continue living with his wife, Meet.

Meet cannot bear the pain anymore as she leaves the divorce papers near Tulsidevi's pot, heading to leave Sarkar Mahal forever.

Manmeet gently supports Shagun while taking her to rest.

He advises her to rest and leaves the house on his bike, powerless as he sees this fold of his life.

Meanwhile, Gunwanti and Nitin worriedly discuss Shagun's condition as Meghana approaches the place.

Gunwanti hurriedly leaves the place to see Shagun's condition as Meghana gently seats herself beside Nitin, trying to comfort him by requesting him to eat.

Nitin takes hold of Meghana's hands and sincerely thanks her for being with him at such critical times, making Meghana surprised at the sudden touch as she hesitantly removes his hand.

Later, Nitin dramatically throws a ball in Shagun's direction, which she effortlessly catches.

Gunwanti also arrives at the place, and they triumphantly snicker at their victorious plan of fooling everyone with Shagun's blindness.

On the other hand, Meet quietly hands her mangal sutra to Jashodha, telling her that the chain belongs to Shagun now.

Jashodha desperately requests her to reconsider the decision, to which Meet gives her a sad smile, telling her that she will always love Manmeet Sangwan.

Meet also refuses to meet Manmeet, telling Jashodha that it will be too painful for her to leave if she sees Manmeet.

Meghana though, hurriedly calls Manmeet, telling him about Meet leaving and requesting to come as soon as possible.

Manmeet is distraught as he hears Meghana's words.

He wildly drives his back towards Sarkar Mahal, desperately praying to somehow stop Meet from leaving.

Entering the house though, Manmeet only finds the Sangwan family staring at the exit of the house sorrowfully.

Manmeet refuses to believe that Meet has left him and asks Jashodha where Meet Hooda has gone.

Shaagun bluntly replies to his question, telling that Meet has left the house for good.

Hearing this makes Manmeet feels empty as he enters his room, only to be reminded of sweet memories spent with Meet in the room.

Seeing the perfume makes him brush it gently as Manmeet remembers accusing Meet of its fragrance being equivalent to kerosene.

He then tries to call Meet in vain as the call beeps with no response.

However, when Manmeet sees Meet calling him, he quickly takes the phone in his hands but hesitates to pick it up, staring at the phone screen blankly.

Just then, Gunwanti arrives at the place, trying to console Manmeet to rejoice in the moment of his marriage with Shagun.

Manmeet only corrects Gunwanti addressing Meet as Parkati as he specifies her name being Meet Hooda, staring at his phone distantly while Gunwanti leaves the room.

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