Meet 27th August 2022 Written Update

Meet 27th August 2022 Written Update

Meet 27th August 2022 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 27th August 2022 episode starts with Meet Ahlawat pushing himself and Meet Hooda onto the bed and trying to get close to her.

Meanwhile, Barfi Devi and Neelu go from there thinking that Meet Ahlawat has lied to them and betrayed them.

On the other hand, Meet Hooda tries to leave while Meet Ahlawat tells her that he's just giving her the rights of his first wife.

Meet Hooda pushes him away and drenches him with a glass of water which doesn't faze Meet Ahlawat.

He keeps trying to pressure her but in the end, Meet Hooda slaps Meet Ahlawat and tells him that he has betrayed her by remarrying Neelu.

Elsewhere, Barfi Devi feels anguish as she discards clothes from Neelu's suitcase and pulls out a white saree.

Meet Hooda tells Meet Ahlawat that she is disgusted by him and leaves while he hopes that his trick works and she divorces him.

Meanwhile, Meet Hooda cries as she says that she knows Meet Ahlawat is doing everything to hurt her.

On the other side of the city, Masoom goes to Hoshiyar who is gambling with his friends and requests him to take her in.

However, he tells her to stay with some of her friends till he arranges a place to rent but Masoom does her drama and cries stating that she doesn't have any friends.

At the Ahlawat mansion, the family returns home and gets confused seeing Barfi Devi holding a white saree while Meet Hooda comes there.

Barfi Devi goes in front of Isha and wraps the white saree over her head telling everyone that she is not a Suhagan anymore.

The family gets shocked when Meet Ahlawat comes there and throws red color on Isha making the saree red.

The Ahlawat family asks what is happening when Meet Ahlawat comes forwards and explains that Barfi Devi was just showing her anger as she didn't like that Isha wasn't wearing Sindoor.

Meet Ahlawat looks at Barfi Devi and says that things aren't as they always seem with an underlying tone trying to tell Barfi Devi about what she saw in his room.

Barfi Devi says that Meet Ahlawat is right and leaves from there angrily.

Flashback shows, Neelu calling Meet Ahlawat and warning him about Barfi Devi seeing him and Meet Hooda together.

Meet Ahlawat thanks Neelu while she smiles gently and tells him that her name is Neelam but everyone calls her Neelu adoringly.

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