Meet 27th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 27th June 2022 Written Update

Meet 27th June 2022 Written Update: Meet written update

Today's Meet 27th June 2022 episode starts with one year leap being shown in Meet serial.

Babita dreams of Meet Bahu as she brings medicines for Raj who is depressed and does not move out of his bed.

In Babita’s hallucination, Meet Bahu promises to cheer Raj.

However, Babita realizes it is just a daydream when Duggu, Lakhan, and Ram enter Raj’s room to make him laugh.

Raj does not smile and Babita says if Meet Bahu was here, Raj would not be in this condition.

Babita tells Ragini that she dreamt of Meet Bahu and whenever the door of Ahlawat Mansion opens, Babita always expects Meet to come in and say “Mummy Ji I’m late”.

However, Masoom rudely speaks to Babita saying Meet Hooda was never worthy of Meet Ahlawat’s love but Babita knows that no one can take place Meet Hooda’s place.

Tej scolds Masoom for speaking boorishly to Babita but Masoom says Tej is not worthy of speaking because it is due to his poor business sense that Meet Family has suffered financially.

Masoom then apologizes to Babita and says Meet Hooda’s betrayal has turned Meet Ahlawat into a machine from a human as Meet Ahlawat hasn’t returned from the United States for a year.

Meanwhile, Meet Ahlawat is shown conducting a business meeting in New York when he receives a message from Raj’s phone to come back to India.

However, it is not Raj who has a message but the fun trio of Ram, Lakhan, and Duggu.

On the other hand, Masoom fills Babita’s ears and says there should be a reason for Meet Bhai to come back home and that reason is Chavi.

After reading Raj’s message, Meet Ahlawat books the earliest flight back to Chandigarh, India.

When Isha calls Meet, Meet Ahlawat tells Isha not to call him Meet anymore as it reminds him of Meet Hooda who is the definition of betrayal.

Asking Raj what will make him happy, Raj tells Meet to find Meet Bahu.

Meet Ahlawat then goes to a Garba function where he finds the female singer’s voice exactly like Meet Hooda’s.

He tries to look at the singer's face but fails to get a glimpse of it as he keeps getting pushed around the the people dancing around him.

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