Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 27th March 2023 episode starts with Shagun bringing the kurta for Manmeet and noticing that Manmeet is already wearing a kurta of his own choice.

Shagun remembers that that kurta was gifted by Meet’s family during the wedding and asks Manmeet not to wear that kurta.

Manmeet says it is a hassle to change clothes once he is done which makes Shagun upset and she says that Manmeet is going away from her toward Meet.

Shagun hugs Manmeet while crying as she can’t bear to see him going away while Manmeet feels weird about the situation.

Later, Sarkar and Jasodha’s marriage starts with the family members and some villagers present at the Sarkar Mahal.

Manmeet ties the knot between Sarkar and Jasodha and diverts his eyes away from Meet as she smiles at him.

Sarkar and Jasodha stand up to start the wedding rounds when Sarkar signals Mahendra to start with their plan at once.

The lights get dim, and a video starts playing on the projector showing sweet moments between Sarkar and Jasodha making everyone happy.

Mahendra hears Gunwanti complimenting Meet’s courage and smirks as the real twist is yet to come.

Suddenly, the video changes, and Meet and SP Bhati’s video starts playing showing how SP Bhati helped Meet get out of the mud and cleaned her with water.

Shagun comes to Meet, gives her a tight slap shocking everyone, and asks her about her affair with SP Bhati.

Shagun tells Manmeet that he did the right thing by recording that video as Meet’s real face got revealed in front of everybody.

Meet gets shocked to hear that Manmeet was the one who made the video and asks him herself.

Manmeet is unable to make eye contact with Meet but admits that he was the one who made that video as he was angry at her.

SP Bhati tells Meet that everything was a part of their plan that day which made Meet fall into that muddy pit and made him go there to help her.

Meet faces Manmeet closely and slaps him right on his face for his disgusting plan of ruining her character.

Shagun says that the hearing of the divorce is the next day and Manmeet can show that video in court to prove that Meet is an indecent woman.

Meet walks away from there and comes outside while crying as she believed that Manmeet is a good person.

Sarkar comes along with Manmeet and the family members and says that the real show will be the next day, at the court, where Manmeet will blacken Meet’s character forever.

As Sarkar asks Manmeet if he is ready to do that, Manmeet hesitantly says yes as he cannot refuse Sarkar.

Sarkar says that he would have disowned Manmeet if he decided to deny him this task.

After Manmeet comes to his room, Meet tells him that he did the absolute worst to her by secretly planning everything and that she hates him now.

Manmeet says that he did what he needed to do and there was no love between them, to begin with so he is happy to get rid of Meet forever. 

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