Meet 27th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 27th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 27th May 2023 episode starts with Jasodha pleading with Manmeet to play the responsibility of a father and save his Sumeet before it's too late.

Meet disguises as Kanika

Meanwhile, Meet disguised as Kanika visits the police station and asks Mahesh to help her in meeting the manager.

In the meantime, Manmeet walks holding Chiku’s hand and Meet’s words echo in his ears to take care of Chiku.

Manmeet finds himself in an emotional dilemma as Jasodha’s advice of fulfilling his responsibility as a father confuses him to take a call.

However, Mahendra calls Kanika to congratulate her on Manmeet’s step to handing over Chiku to his daughter Sumeet.

Back in the police station, the manager assumes Meet as Kanika and asks her about her attire.

Meet tells the manager that Meet is searching every police station and she needed to dress so that she could escape getting caught.

The manager requests Meet/Kanika to help him in getting out of jail.

In the Sarkar Haveli, Manmeet receives a call from the goon to reach the Purani Puliya and is ordered to get Chiku in return for Sumeet.

Frustrated Manmeet warns him for playing with his family and assures him that he will get back his daughter anyhow without compromising Chiku.

In the police station, Meet tells the manager that they are taking care of his family and will get his bail in a few days.

She, further, asks the manager if any of the children from the orphanage blurted out their secret to Meet.

The manager assures her that the kids are already stressed and traumatized after Mohan’s death.

Meet trying to get the secret out, suggests the manager to physically torture another child.

However, the manager tells her to not do it again as the other day she killed the child in a rage of anger which led to Chiky reaching out to the Sangwan family.

Further, the police officer enters and tells Meet to step out as Manager’s lawyer is there to meet him.

On the other hand, Jasodha grabs Manmeet to Sarkar’s room and vents her frustration on him.

Sarkar tells them that though he has no affiliation with Sumeet, he is shocked that someone has dared to kidnap a member of the Sarkar family.

Baapu Sarkar to take his revenge on Meet

Sarkar calms Jasodha and tells her that he will find Sumeet and calls the Minister to issue a lookout notice for Sumeet.

The minister tells Baapu Sarkar to offer Chiku to Kanika and get their Sumeet in return.

Sarkar lies to Manmeet that the minister has offered security to both the children to take his revenge on Meet.

In the meantime, Meet is stressed out thinking about Kanika’s action to kill a child just for the sake of begging.

She co-relates all the points regarding Kanika and Chiku and decides to call Manmeet to alert him.

Back in the Sarkar Mahal, Manmeet requests Baapu Sarkar to make sure that Chiku isn’t put at stake for Sumeet’s safety.

Meanwhile, Mahendra and Gunwanti are worried about their liquor factory and blame Manmeet’s stubbornness for ruining their plan.

Mahendra receives a call from Kanika and she informs him to put Chiku to sleep before she comes to pick him up.

Gunwanti offers a glass of milk to Chiku which she has intoxicated and Chiku falls unconscious.

Meanwhile, Manmeet walks in the hall and asks about Chiku and Gunwanti tells him that he has fallen asleep after a tiring day.

Further, Kanika arrives and informs everyone that the Minister has specially asked her to pick Chiku.

Manmeet picks up Chiku in his arms and walks out with his family members to put Chiku in Kanika’s car.

He asks Kanika to take care of Chiku and tells Kanika that he would accompany her to get Sumeet in return.

Sarkar screams at Manmeet for doing as per his wish and taunts him while Jasodha walks to Manmeet and tells him to do as Sarkar is saying.

On the other hand, Meet calls on the landline and Gunwanti intentionally cuts the call after hearing Meet’s voice.

Kanika gets Chiku back

After that, Kanika removes the watch from Chiku’s hand and tells Manmeet that nobody can take Chiku away from her.

Kanika tells Manmeet that all their problems are solved and they will get their Sumeet back.

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