Meet 28th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th August 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th August 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 28th August 2023 episode starts with Chanchal (Sumeet) and Shlok (in disguise Sumeet) discussing Shagun managing to come up to Akki despite being with the Chowdhurys. 

From Raunak's room, Raunak cries out for Sumeet while Chanchal says that she does not want to handle Raunak but Sumeet tells her that she's fine.

Sumeet then goes forward to Raunak's room with her veil on followed by Chanchal, gradually reaching him.

She consoles Raunak but Raunak accuses her of leaving him and throws things towards her.

Chanchal then pulls Raunak's ears stating that if he doesn't want to go to the mental hospital, he better behave.

Raunak cries, gradually falling asleep and Chanchal and Sumeet step out but are stopped by a mobile phone ringing. 

They come inside and check Raunak's room but do not find the phone.

Downstairs, Poonam tells Chanchal (Sumeet) that only two days are left for Raunak to be at the Chowdhurys. 

She further adds that she doesn't know how to handle Raunak and Chanchal adds that when there's darkness all over god brings forward light.

She then asks Poonam how Shagun got past the house following which Poonam tells Chanchal that Shagun had received a message on her phone after which she instantly left unbothered about Raunak. 

On the street, Raj receives a message from Pankhudi stating that she believes one day Raj will become hers in real life.

Raj gets angry but soon gets a glimpse of Pankhudi waving at him behind Priyanka who's on a call.

Pankhudi goes and talks to Raj and Priyanka seeing this, insists that they follow her up.

Pankhudi suggests that all of them can go together and then turns to Raj and asks him if he is busy since he didn't come to meet Sumeet.

She adds that he must've been busy with his girlfriend to which Raj eyeing Priyanka says that he has a secret admirer who keeps messaging him adding that he wants to meet her.

An uncomfortable Priyanka walks away while Pankhudi gets all happy thinking that Raj is interested in her. 

Sumeet uncovers Raunak's secret

At night, Sumeet checks Raunak's room finds the phone, and wonders how can an unstable Raunak use a phone.

On the other hand, Shlok makes up his mind to make Raunak unconscious and tie him up adding that Raunak will ultimately tell the truth about Akki's whereabouts. 

Hearing this, Sumeet adds that if he does this, the Chowdhurys will be in trouble but Shlok says that if anything happens to Akki everyone will be shattered.

He attempts to go but is stopped by Sumeet who then shows him Raunak's phone.

Shlok gets shocked at an eccentric Raunak having a phone and Sumeet adds that Raunak is feigning his eccentricity and serving as Shagun's spy.

She adds that when she got Raunak's phone, she used his face ID, thus discovering that Raunak had sent Shagun a message about Shlok and Sumeet's planning.

In Raunak's room, Raunak silently admits that he knows it's Shlok putting on the disguise of Sumeet and Sumeet putting on the disguise of Chanchal. 

He further adds that Shlok has made a big mistake by snatching Sumeet away from him and pledges to kill him while on the other hand, Sumeet tells Shlok that they'll play Shagun just as she'd been playing them.

Sudden screams of Raunak divert the couple's attention while downstairs, Anju is held hostage by Raunak who attempts to dunk her hand in boiling water.

Upstairs, Shlok attempts to put his disguise on but Sumeet tells him that there's no need for it.

Sumeet beats Raunak

Downstairs, Sumeet comes in front of Raunak, who leaves Anju and goes after Sumeet, but Sumeet dodges him.

She then beats him with a broom and asks him to give her his hand following which she dunks it in hot water.

Raunak cries out in pain but Sumeet resumes beating him, ordering him to do sit-ups to which Raunak kneels silently adding that he'll kill Shlok while Sumeet aims to bring Raunak's pretentiousness to light. 

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