Meet 28th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th July 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th July 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 28th July 2023 episode starts with Sumeet getting dizzy while Shagun welcomes them with flowers.

Raj notices Sumeet losing control and offers her water after she complains of dehydration while Raunak comes and joins Sumeet as promised.

Shagun notices everything and plots to kill Sumeet after the Griha Pravesh ceremony as she places the pot and guides Sumeet through the ritual.

Sumeet, still feeling dizzy, proceeds when a police officer comes in announcing that they are there to arrest Raunak for Priya's murder.

They bring forward proof of him slashing her neck and stabbing her to death despite Priya’s pleadings.

In the flashback, it is revealed that Sumeet had been plotting all this to lead Raunak to confess the truth about him not being present in the mandap that night and that of her marriage with Shlok.

Shagun supports Raunak but gets to know about all the proof of his involvement.

In the further sequence of events, we see Raunak confessing to his mother that it wasn't him who married Sumeet but Shlok.

The video showed a groom in a sherwani and sehra killing Priya similar to that of Raunak.

If Raunak is to answer in the negative then Shlok marrying Sumeet would come into light.

Shagun assures Raunak that everything will be fine as the police take him away while Sumeet falls unconscious.

Shagun states that she will not spare Sumeet if she were to find out that she is behind Raunak’s arrest.

Sumeet is rushed to the hospital where the reports confirm that she has been poisoned.

Raj and Shlok are horrified to know that the poison is strong and Sumeet’s life will only be safe with an antidote but they need to identify the poison for that.

Sumeet’s condition worsens while Raj goes to confront Shagun who is busy talking to the minister about Raunak's release.

Shagun brings about everything and draws in the coincidence of things suddenly happening and tries to leave but is stopped by Shlok.

Shagun states that she will only do something if Sumeet's plans are revealed and leaves after which Shlok goes to the jail to confront Raunak.

He hits Raunak and tells him to confess the name of the poison but is stopped by Raunak's fans who are protesting against him.

He leaves Raunak and feels helpless about not being able to do anything.

The doctor talks about a test coming out in four or five hours but Sumeet might not survive making Raj worried.

Raunak plays around with Shlok and asks him to give him a glass of water and also clean his shoes if he wants to know about the poison.

Shlok does what he says but upon asking him to lick it Shlok retaliates to which Raunak tells that he won't tell the name of the poison.

On the other hand, Raj gets flashbacks of Sumeet and gets emotional as he calls Shagun and accepts her offer.

Meanwhile, Shlok accuses Raunak of stealing his voice and creating a fake image and threatens to reveal that he is the real Wonder Boy.

Shlok proceeds to sing when Raunak agrees to tell the name of the poison.

Raj gets troubled by Shagun's absence on the phone but receives Shlok's call who informs him that he has found out the poison's name and the anecdote for it.

Raj informs the doctor who tells him that he has to reach the hospital otherwise Sumeet may not make it.

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