Meet 28th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 28th June 2023 episode starts with Masoom asking Raj if she should tell Shagun that the marriage is fixed.

As Raj replies positively, a big smile appears on Masoom’s face but suddenly Sumeet arrives there and informs Raj that she does not want to get married now.

Sumeet tells Raj that Raunak is a nice guy but there should be love and feelings for the person when Raj reminds her that Raunak cares for her the same way he does.

When she finally admits that she does not feel anything toward Raunak, Raj apologizes to her for fixing her marriage without asking her.

Irritated by Sumeet’s revelation, Masoom announces rudely that she is alive only because of Raunak as he has called doctors on time.

However, Raj urges Masoom to close her mouth because from now on no one will talk about Sumeet’s marriage with Raunak anymore.

At the same time, Sumeet excitedly tells Raj that she has got accepted into London’s college which makes Raj overjoyed and he hugs Sumeet, muttering he will miss her.

Meanwhile, Raunak is eavesdropping on this conversation from a room and he gets extremely frustrated after learning that Raj is ready not to marry Sumeet to him.

He walks out of the mansion grumbling but when he gets into his car, Shlok appears there out of nowhere.

Shlok mocks Raunak by stating that since childhood Raunak has failed in classes and also in music while Raunak replies that Shlok has forgotten that he wins in life matters.

The next day, Shagun praises Punam for helping her with the wedding arrangements as now she is sure the wedding will get done without any worry.

After Punam walks away, Shagun looks up to find Pankhudi walking toward her and she cunningly tells Pankhudi that this cheap rose does not look pretty on her hair.

Shagun even throws the rose away from Pankhudi’s hair while Pankhudi grumbles angrily that Sathark was trying to impress her with it.

Looking at Pankhudi’s face, Shagun smirkingly suggests Pankhudi wear her diamond clip as it can only compliment Pankhudi’s beauty.

Pankhudi watches in awe as Shagun puts it on her hair after removing it from her own head and Shaugn urges Pankhudi to pay Vani a visit.

When Pankhudi arrives at Sumeet’s house, she makes fun of Vani’s hearing disability by gifting her branded earbuds.

Vani looks visibly uncomfortable as Pankhdu brags about how expensive these earbuds are but Vani walks away from there, saying she is going to arrange food for Pankhudi.

In the meantime, Masoom gets stunned to see Pankhudi grabbing dry fruits like some low-class person and eating it.

She cannot understand how such a low-class person is related to Chowdhury people and Pankhudi states that she is Raunak’s cousin.

She also sternly tells Masoom that in the Chowdhury household everyone is visibly upset after Sumeet rejected Raunak for marriage so it will impact Vani’s marriage with Abhay.

A flashback then reveals Shagun telling Pankhudi that she accepted Vani despite her disability yet now Sumeet’s family is throwing tantrums for not marrying Sumeet to Raunak with crocodile tears in her eyes.

Back in the present, Masoom looks stressed upon hearing this while Pankhudi admires the mansion with awe.

Later, Sumeet makes Pankhudi understand how it is not okay to make fun of someone’s issue when Pankhudi fails miserably to eat food with chopsticks.

On the other hand, Shagun calls Masoom to warn her that Vani’s wedding with Abhay is going to be postponed as Masoom has failed to make Sumeet agree to the marriage.

Hearing this, Masoom rushes to Sumet’s room and she cryingly begs Sumeet to agree to the marriage with Raunak otherwise Vani’s heart will shatter.

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