Meet 28th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 28th March 2023 episode starts with Meet crying under the tree while recalling the accusations that Shagun put against her. 

Just then, Jasodha comes to Meet with a glass of milk and papers. 

Meet refuses to drink while Jasodha tells her she knows whatever happened today was wrong as the woman’s character is her power. 

She tells her that Manmeet was helpless as she is not ready to leave him. 

Jashodha tells Meet that she had told her a million times to leave Manmeet as he does not love her and has returned her papers as well but she is still stubbornly living here. 

Jasodha tells Meet that Sarkar has asked Manmeet to humiliate her in court which he will do as he never goes against his father. 

However, she can stop all this here by signing the divorce paper and leaving from here quietly. 

Meet looks at the papers and cries, telling Jasodha that she will not sign the papers or else everyone will think that the allegations are true.  

However, Jasodha tells her to think about court proceedings where Manmeet will humiliate her in front of everyone. 

Meet tells her that in the court, her character will not be on the line but Manmeet’s true character will come to light when she will see how low will he stoop to defeat a woman. 

The next day, the court is surrounded by villagers and media who are raising slogans against Meet. 

Later, Sarkar comes to family court with his family where Mahendra is hopeful that Manmeet will humiliate Meet in front of the media. 

Just then, Meet comes there as well while men shout to send Meet Hooda out of the village for she is a shameless woman. 

In the court, Mahendra accuses Meet of being characterless while Meet demands to hear the same accusation from Manmeet but he remains quiet.

In the meantime, Mahendra tells the court that he would like to submit strong evidence to prove the allegations. 

However, due to some technical problems, the video couldn’t be uploaded immediately. 

Meanwhile, Meet goes to drink water and Shagun comes to taunt her that she and Manmeet will be together soon. 

She tells Meet to leave the town so her life can be spared but Meet tells her that she is the daughter of a martyr and is not afraid to face the truth. 

However, Shagun should be worried about Manmeet who will never be able to meet her eyes ever again after today. 

She also tells Shagun that it is Manmeet who is a sinner because he is having an affair with her despite being married but is spared the humiliation because he is a man. 

Manmeet overhears Meet and walks out of the court. 

After a while, the video gets connected and Mahendra asks to watch the video. 

Meet tells the judge that the video is false when the judge tells her to sit as she will be given chance to speak. 

The judge is about to grant the divorce when Manmeet stops him and brings villagers inside too. 

Manmeet tells the judge that the video is false as he is the one who has made this video to get a divorce from Meet but Meet's character is spotless so is her heart. 

Meanwhile, Shagun tells him to not ruin everything by telling the truth but Manmeet shames Shagun for agreeing to humiliate a woman despite being a woman herself. 

Sarkar threatens to cut ties with him if he supports Meet. 

However, Manmeet tells Sarkar that he is not against him nor is in support of Meet but his honor is on the line and he cannot go against it. 

Telling the judge that the video is fake, Manmeet comes to Meet and apologizes to Meet for stooping so low in his ambition to get the divorce. 

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