Meet 28th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 28th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 28th May 2023 episode starts with Kanika starting the car and is just about to leave the Sarkar Mahal when Meet enters the gate.

Meet grabs Kanika

Meet rushes to the car and gets mad after seeing Chiku inside while asking Manmeet what he has done with Chiku.

Manmeet hesitantly replies that he is just sleeping when Meet rans out her breath and pulls Kanika out of the car.

Meet furiously pushes Kanika to the pole and grabs her neck while saying that she will not let her leave there.

Meanwhile, everyone gets shocked by Meet's behavior and runs to stop her while Meet warns Kanika that she knows that Kanika has killed Mohan and tortured other kids at the orphanage.

However, Meet gets shocked when Jasodha request Meet to stop with teary eyes by telling her that Sumeet is kidnapped.

By getting the chance, Kanika rushes to the gate while warning Meet that now no one can save Sumeet.

Just then, Meet gets frightened when Gunwanti puts the oil in the fire by saying that only god knows what Kanika is going to do with Sumeet.

Since Meet starts feeling dizzy and loses her balance, Manmeet holds her and says that they shouldn't give up while rushing to follow Kanika with Meet.

Meanwhile, Kanika's men are playing cards together when Sumeet gets the idea to escape there.

Sumeet tricks the goons

Sumeet tries to create a misunderstanding between two goons by saying that one man has cheated on the other and she can give the demonstration if they untie her hands.

At the same time, at Sarkar Mahal, Sarkar gets angry at Meet for showing over-smartness and risking Sumeet's life while Jasodha starts to pray to god while crying.

However, Jasodha yells at Gunwanti when she doubts that Meet is going to lose Sumeet same as her firstborn, due to her over-smartness.

On the other hand, a goon unties Sumeet and she demonstrates how one player cheated on the other, resulting in a fight between them.

By getting a chance Sumeet escapes there and the goons realize that they lost Sumeet when they get Kanika's call.

Kanika goes mad at the goons while ordering them to find Sumeet at any cost.

Moreover, Kanika informs the minister about the situation and the minister tells her to follow his instructions.

Elsewhere, Manmeet assures Meet that he will find Sumeet, no matters what it takes while Meet angrily asks Manmeet to meet the minister as she wants to see if his powers can snatch a daughter from her mother.

On the other side, Kanika's goons are keeps looking for Sumeet and see her running away, so they start following her.

In the meantime, the minister a running an election campaign and distributing food in the local community when Manmeet and Meet arrive there.

The minister gets shocked by seeing them, walking toward him but suddenly, Meet grabs the minister by his collar and warns him to return Sumeet or else, she will expose him to the public.

Manmeet furiously says that the minister shouldn't dare to hurt Sumeet or else, he will burn the ministry into ashes.

Further, Manmeet snatches the minister's cell phone while warning him to call Kanika and order her to return Sumeet safely.

Kanika founds Sumeet

Meanwhile, Meet gathers the peoples to threaten Sumeet, just then, the minister get Kanika's call informing, him they found Sumeet.

Minister removes Manmeet's hands from his collar and puts the phone on the speaker when Sumeet calls Manmeet and Meet to save her.

Since Meet and Manmeet get emotional, the minister threatens them by demanding Chiku in exchange for Sumeet while leaving there.

However, Meet tells Manmeet that she has heard the same sound of temple bells on the phone call, which means Sumeet is nearby and rushes to find her.

Elsewhere, Kanika and her goons put Sumeet into the car and are about to leave there when they see, Meet and Manmeet walking on the street while looking for Sumeet.

As Sumeet starts shouting after seeing them, the goon puts his hands on her mouth and Kanika covers her face with a saree.

Just then, Sumeet throws her shoes on the street and spills an oil bottle while kicking in the car but, unfortunately, the car passes the street.

Soon after that, Meet gets surprised by seeing Sumeet's shoes on the roadside and walks to it.

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