Meet 29th January 2022 Written Update

Meet 29th January 2022 Written Update

Meet 29th January 2022 Written Update:

Today's Meet Serial 29 Jan episode starts with Meet Hooda learning what happened in front of the panchayat.

When Meet doesn’t reach in time, the panchayat declares it as disrespect and orders to put black ink on Raj’s face, which Meet Ahlawat takes on himself.

Babita, not being able to see his son like that, requests the panchayat to show mercy.

The panchayat rejects the plea, although tells Meet Ahlawat to bow down and apologize on behalf of the whole Ahlawat family.

Meet Hooda apologizes to everyone in the empty community center, although there is no one to hear.

Then, Meet Hooda kidnaps Ravi and threatens to beat him to show him what it actually feels like.

Scared Ravi somehow manages to take off to meet Manushi.

Meet Hooda follows him, and Manushi’s identity is revealed.

Manushi tells Meet Hooda, that she wants Meet Ahlawat, and leaving Meet Ahlawat on their wedding day was the worst mistake she could have made.

Meet Hooda tells Manushi that their mother was right about Manushi not changing.

Meet Hooda further tells Manushi that these are just obstacles, and they cannot break her and Meet Ahlawat’s relationship.

Meet doesn’t want Meet Ahlawat to love her the way he loved Manushi, as Manushi reminded him of nothing except heartbreak.

Meet stuns Manushi by telling her that she would tell Meet Ahlawat the real story of how Manushi conspired everything and that Manushi would face Meet Ahlawat’s wrath.

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