Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th January 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 29th January 2023 episode starts with Sarkar entering with a stick in his hand and moving toward Jasodha.

He says that he has explained to her a lot of times that a woman should always check her mouth and know her limits.

Jasodha is scared of the stick and replies feebly that she went out to shop for Shagun’s wedding.

Sarkar says that she did not only go shopping but also went to Meet’s house to announce Shagun’s marriage which must have alerted Meet.

Manmeet stops Sarkar as he is about to hit Jasodha and holds the stick in the air and says that he respects Sarkar more than anything but that does not give him the liberty to hit a woman.

Sarkar's goon moves toward Manmeet in anger to beat him for what he said to Sarkar.

However, Sarkar stops the goon and slaps him tightly saying that  Manmeet is an avatar of the Sun itself and he feels proud to be his father.

Meanwhile, Meet thinks to herself that there is something happening that she is not able to understand.

Meet tells Raj that first Sarkar wanted the factory to fail but that did not happen.

Now, he wants Meet to get married to Manmeet and that also did not happen & after that, he fixed Manmeet’s marriage to Shagun and later on, cut Manmeet’s hand.

Meet says that he is up to something and she wonders what will Sarkar get from Meet and Manmeet’s marriage.

Back at Sarkar Mahal, Sarkar is agitated and says that his youngest son, Manmeet is the apple of his eye and cannot bear to see his mother in pain.

Jasodha hugs Manmeet after which Sarkar welcomes Manmeet into the Sarkar Mahal and hugs him.

Jasodha tells everyone that when Manmeet was very small, Pandit ji made a prophecy that Sarkar could only survive if Jasodha sends Manmeet away from her for 24 years and now he has returned from his exile.

Manmeet says that he will avenge every insult that Meet has inflicted on his family by making Meet his wife regret every day of her life.

Sarkar says that soon, Manmeet will be his right hand and then tells everyone that he was very shocked to see Meet’s husband’s face for the very first time and that is when it struck him that he could use Manmeet to destroy her.

Meanwhile, Meet tells Raj that she does not have a good feeling about marrying Manmeet.

However, Babita enters and says that she is overthinking.

Chanda comes to dress Meet up for her Haldi ceremony and also tells Meet to relax as Manmeet is a tough guy with a good heart.

Meet asks Chanda to ask her husband to fix a camera in the Sarkar Mahal to which Chanda replies that till Shagun’s wedding, no one can get in or out of the Sarkar Mahal.

Meet says that Sarkar is a guy full of show off, then how could he be so private about Shagun’s wedding?

Meet immediately leaves the house as an epiphany dawns upon her.

Back at the Sarkar Mahal, Jasodha says that if anyone in the house dares to spread this news, she will leave that person to the devil which makes Meghna nervous as she wants to inform Meet about everything.

Manmeet leaves the house to go for his Haldi function but finds Meet coming in his direction and worries that she might see his other hand.

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