Meet 29th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th June 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th June 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 29th June 2023 episode starts with Masoom telling Sumeet that only Sumeet can bring Vaani’s happiness now otherwise her wedding will break now.

Sumeet angrily denies it, stating that being a fan is not enough to marry someone as love is also very important when Masoom rudely reminds her that wonder boy is her favorite singer.

This reply makes Masoom very angry so she rudely reminds Sumeet about how Meet has sacrificed her life for others' sake yet Sumeet is not ready to do this.

Meanwhile, Raj is talking to someone on a call about how he needs a best cook for Vaani’s marriage and he also urges Sumeet to bring the London college admission form so he can sign it.

At the mention of the admission form, Sumeet looks at the brochure of the college with sad eyes before she tears it into pieces.

She then pretends to be cheerful as she explains to Raj that she has accepted Raunak’s marriage proposal because Raj has selected him.

Looking at Sumeet’s guilty face, Raj asks her if she is marrying Raunak because she loves him or if she is choosing Raunak because of his decision.

She then reads a fake text on her phone that states how Raunak is ready to do everything in his power to make her dreams come true.

Hearing this, Raj finally realizes that Sumeet has agreed to the marriage on her own only so he pulls Sumeet in for a hug.

Later, Masoom showers Sumeet with so much love for sacrificing for Vaani’s happiness while she pats Sumeet’s back.

She also tells Sumeet that now she knows Sumeet not only looks like Meet but also thinks like her.

On the other hand, Shagun roams her hand over Meet Hooda’s picture while she recalls how she told Meet that her son will marry Meet’s daughter.

She even offers sweet to Meet’s picture, saying that once Sumeet leaves her mansion and becomes Chowdhury’s daughter-in-law, she will realize what hell means on earth.

In the meantime, Shlok is devastated as he cannot believe that Sumeet has chosen Raunak because he cannot let Sumeet suffer now.

He then calls Sumeet to know the reason for accepting the marriage proposal but Sumeet replies smugly that she is marrying Raunak because she likes him.

When Shlok reminds Sumeet about how she always thinks with her heart, Sumeet closes her mouth as she does not what to speak anymore.

Just then, Raunak arrives at Sumeet's house with a lot of gifts so Sumeet cuts the call to meet him and when Sumeet arrives in the hall, Raunak gives her the London School of Music's admission form along with the Chowdhury mansion's keys.

He announces that Sumeet's dreams are also his so he cannot let Sumeet forget her dreams and this impresses both Raj and Masoom whereas Sumeet looks distressed.

After Masoom and Raj walk away, Raunak tries to kiss Sumeet's hand who snatches it away so Raunak pretends that he is very sorry for acting impulsively.

Later, Raunak is having a party where he consumes drugs and he even breaks up with his girlfriend when she confronts Raunak about marrying someone new.

Raunak just rudely orders the girl to walk away and as soon as the girl comes out, Shlok makes the girl promise him that she will expose Raunak and the girl agrees.

After the girl leaves, Shagun arrives there to remind Raunak that he needs to keep his act together for the next three days otherwise Raj will cancel the marriage if he finds out this side of Raunak.

Shagun then tells Punam that she cannot show her face to Sumeet's family because she is doing a vrat but she knows if she shows her face then the game will be over soon.

Whereas Shlok thinks that before the wedding happens, he will bring Raunak's truth to light.

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