Meet 29th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th March 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th March 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 29th March 2023 episode starts with Manmeet apologising to Meet and telling her that he will not do something like this ever again. 

Meanwhile, Sarkar, Mahendra and Shagun walk out of court while Jasodha smiles encouragingly at him. 

Meet tells Manmeet that he should go to Sarkar and take care of him as his trust has been betrayed. 

However, Manmeet tells her that first, he has something else to take care of. 

Taking her hand, he walks out of the court and sees the crowd praising her. 

Manmeet tells her that it is because of him that she lost the respect of the villagers and that is why they deserve to know who was in the wrong in reality. 

Afterward, Meet tells him to go and take care of his father as he is very hurt at this moment and take care of Shagun as she might do something bad.

Manmeet gives oblation to Meet, telling her that she has not eaten anything since yesterday. 

As Manmeet is about to leave, Meet asks him why he saved her while Manmeet tells her that a man’s principles do not allow him to dishonour her for the sake of their fight. 

Later, Meet gets a call from Rajvardhan, telling her that he is in Sarkarpur. 

Meanwhile, Shagun locks herself in a room and pours gasoline upon her. 

Gunwanti and Jasodha try to cajole her into opening the door but she tells them that she cannot beat Manmeet supporting Meet and will kill herself. 

In the meantime, Sarkar angrily asks Mahendra why Manmeet betrayed him.

Just then, Gunwanti comes to Sarkar asking to call Manmeet and save his sister while Sarkar tells her that he has cut ties with him. 

On the other hand, Shagun tells Jasodha that if Manmeet does not come by the time she finishes counting 20 then, she will light herself. 

Elsewhere, Rajvardhan tells Meet that he is very happy to see Manmeet supporting the truth after going against his family. 

Meet praises Manmeet’s goodness to Raj about the respect he has for women and that he is different from other men in the family.

Rajvardhan smiles at Meet, telling her that this is the first time she is praising him while Meet says it is time to make some decisions. 

Meanwhile, Shagun continues to count while Mahendra, Gunwanti, and Jasodha tell her to stop. 

Just then, Manmeet comes there and stops Shagun, telling her that he still loves her and she should have more faith in him. 

Shagun tells him that if he is saying the truth, then he should marry her at once. 

Manmeet tells her that he will marry her but before that, he will have to put things right while Shagun tells him that he only has till tomorrow to send Meet back.

Manmeet takes a vow and tells her that he will send Meet back to her house by tomorrow. 

Meanwhile, Meet tells Raj that she wants to come back to Ahlawat's house and let Manmeet live happily with Shagun. 

However, Rajvardhan asks her about her dream of a factory while Meet tells him that she will find another way to do that.

Meet takes his leave and tells Rajvardhan that tomorrow, she will come back while Rajvardhan asks her if she will not feel hurt leaving Manmeet and his family.

Meet tells him that her heart goes out to leave the family as they have been living together for such a long time now.  

Raj asks her if she will not miss Manmeet too while she tells him that she does feel pain at leaving Manmeet as she likes their bantering but his happiness matters more to her than her pain and she wants to see him happy. 

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