Meet 29th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th May 2023 Written Update

Meet 29th May 2023 Written Update: Meet Badlegi Duniya Ki Reet written update

Today's Meet 29th May 2023 episode starts with Manmeet and Meet looking for Sumeet, screaming her name.

Further, Meet finds Sumeet’s shoe and shows it to Manmeet and concludes that Sumeet must be nearby.

However, Manmeet finds freshly spilt oil on the road and tells Meet that Sumeet has intentionally paved the path for them.

Meanwhile, an abducted Sumeet wakes up in the factory and the goons keep an eye on her.

The goons intentionally break the acid glasses to haunt Sumeet while the acid splashes on the floor.

On the other hand, Manmeet and Meet part in different directions to find Sumeet at the earliest.

Back in the factory, Sumeet stands over a box to avoid getting burned via acid and finds Meet standing outside the factory but fails to signal her.

In the meantime, as Meet walks forward she hears the goon breaking the glasses in the factory and rushes inside.

The goons stop her to barge inside and Kanika physically tortures Meet and warns her for ruining her plan.

However, Manmeet reaches the factory along with the police and Meet seeking the opportunity loses Kanika’s grip over herself.

Manmeet and Meet rush to Sumeet and hugs her with admiration while Sumeet calls Meet her supermom and embraces her.

After a while, Manmeet and Meet return to Sarkar Haveli along with Sumeet and Cheeku runs to embrace Sumeet.

Further, a joyful Jasodha takes Sumeet in her arms and swings her in the air.

Gunwanti nervously tells Mahendra that Kanika must have got caught and they should act in time to save themselves.

Mahendra asks her to relax as Bapu Sarkar is involved in the mess as well and he will be blamed equally.

As Meet does Cheeku's aarti, Gunwanti calls her out but Meet tells her that the almighty belongs to everyone.

Meanwhile, a police officer walks in with the new manager of the orphanage.

They inform the family about the handover of the case to the crime branch and the change in the staff of the orphanage.

Sumeet requests Manmeet to allow Cheeku to stay back in Sarkar Haveli and Manmeet gets emotional on finding himself helpless.

The manager forcefully grabs Cheeku’s hand and Cheeku loosens the grip from Meet’s hand.

Further, Cheeku calls Meet - Mumma and a vulnerable Meet opens her arms and Cheeku rushes back to her and they embrace each other tightly.

Sumeet joins them for the hug as tears roll down Meet’s face.

Meet promises Cheeku that she will visit him every week but Cheeku weeps inconsolably as the officer takes him away.

In the night, as Mahendra pours a drink for himself, Jasodha takes the bottle away and taunts him for drinking.

Mahendra tells Jasodha that he is destroyed as his dreams for the liquor factory are scattered.

He blames Manmeet for ruining his plans while flourishing his pharmaceutical factory.

Jasodha scolds Mahendra for being jealous of his brother's success and reminds him of his hard work for the establishment of his factory.

Irked by Jasodha’s scolding, Mahendra shouts at her for not giving him a lesson when all she cares about is Manmeet and his beloved wife Meet.

Jasodha tells Gunwanti to make Mahendra understand otherwise she knows how to put him in his place.

Meanwhile, Sumeet keeps on pleading with Manmeet to take her to Cheeku while Meet asks Sumeet to eat something.

However, Manmeet asks Sumeet about her tricks to escape the goons to distract her mind.

Sumeet adorably narrates Manmeet and Meet her story of misleading the goons as she wanted to rescue Cheeku.

Meet comforts Sumeet and tells her that they will get Cheeku back home soon while Manmeet lowering his eyes tells Sumeet that Cheeku will not come back to Sarkar Haveli.

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